Thursday, 19 May 2016

My birth story

Hey All,
Last updated January. I should have updated my babymoon story but nevermind too lazy and tired during pregnancy. And was hospitalized on Feb at CGH for a week and bed rest for 3 weeks at home. Was having migraine which lead to my left eye nerve to see double. They called is Diplopia and lucky it was not due to pregnancy which make my gynae worried and afraid if there's tumour and if there is I need to go for c-sec which Im against it. Alhamdullilah all is well. My vomits stop at 8th month and my appetite was huge! But I gain 1kg only.
So its gonna be a long story so bear with me yah. On 15th April like some of you know, Gynae request for dilation check. So Im okay with it. When he checked, he told me I was 4cm dilated. I was like What? He asked if I felt some contraction, I told him I don't. So he asked the nurse to quickly checked baby heartbeat and my contraction level.

Alhamdullilah no contraction and baby heartbeat is fine so he told me anytime soon, anything just give him a call before check in to hospital. I still can joke with gynae,I still can eat at Hyde & co and Overrun Chendol Ice cream in the afternoon.

I informed my boss that it is going to be anytime soon. The next couple of days my tummy have this urge to poo, a few times in and out of toilet. I didnt think it was contraction and I read that one of the sign of your body getting ready for labour is frequent pooing. I decided to take my ML on the 18th of Apr as my mum told me too. I was too heavy to walk and tired. She afraid i might gg on labour at work.

Pooing never stop till appointment Friday 22 Apr 11am. Gynae saw me while he is attending to a few babies circumcition, personally told me to rest in a small room while the nurse will check baby heartbeat & contraction. Still no contraction but nurse gave me a hint that baby heartbeat lessen and usually it is sign of labour. I didnt think much though. When its my turn to see gynae, he check my dilation at it was already 5 cm. Scan for baby head oso didnt see as she was already down under. Haha.

He told my husband to go for friday prayers ask me to rest and eat before check in hospital at 4pm (but we check in at 5pm as my husband wanted to pray for Asar).
My husband managed to get me Prima deli's Cheese egg tart! My final crave.

I managed to solat Zuhur recite Surah Maryam, eat and sleep. Woke up at 330pm to bath and bloody show pop! My mum told me to drink air Selusur (consist of ayat2 Quran). I drank air Kurma too and lots of plain water scared cant drink in the labour room.

5pm Reached at Parwayeast Hospital. Both of us was so noobed. We took Q no for labour registration where we can strait tell the Reg counter that Im on labour. Still can talk with the insurance agent there! Duh!!

The Lady panic and quickly bring me to the labour ward. She thought that
i came for pre-admission coz I looked so relax.

Check in. Changed clothes. Midwives checked I was about 8cm dilated. SubhanaAllah Air selusuh miracle within a short period my dilation opened up quite fast. Friendly Midwives told me they like looking at me I can still joke and laugh with them, no nervous look. Gynae told me labour gonna be fast for me. He'll broke my waterbag soon. Took Selfies and sent it to my friends updating about my current situation. And while waiting I listen to Surah Maryam (This really help to ease ur nervousness, trust me hehe).

715pm still no contraction, Gynae came in and broke my waterbag. Saying that soon you 'll feel it. They kinda worried too coz if I dont feel the contraction I wouldnt know if baby is coming out or not. 830pm I feel the pushing urge, ask the Midwives for laughing gas. I told my husband this is it. I took it twice and I throw it away coz I feel so giddy. My husband hold my hands, stroke my hair and keep reminding me to zikir. My mouth didnt stop zikir. A few minutes later I told my husband to tell the nurse that the contraction is really bad. Nurse checked and it was almost time. It was 900pm when they called gynae and get me in the position. Midwives teaches me how to push and breathing. At one point I heard them joking, it really help me to smile. Heard them saying to my husband, you can see baby hair.

Gynae didnt gave me any drip, said to the nurse no vacuum coz he said my patient can do it without any of this. He didnt know my heart say faster lah baby popped!

Contraction came I pushed, I really dont remember how many times I pushed. The last pushed I felt my baby popped! And pain was gone. Natural with no pain killers really make me feel how my mum feel during those time without these. The pain she went through and these make me treasure her even more.

 Chubby lil baby I might say! My husband called my parents. Passed me the phone. My mum asked me "Eh kak, kau dah beranak ke tidak ni? Suara kau macam tak beranak?".

Jokingly told her, Im done and can go for no.2. Haha! I got 6 stiches overall. Alhamdullilah. My daughter Nur Rifqah Damia was born on the 22nd Apr, 16th Rejab at 9.34pm.

After all, midwives changed my clothes and got me admitted to the ward. My hubby got home after Im warded coz visiting hours over and 4 bedded, husband cant stay. He brought the placenta home for burial coz I dont trust hospitals. I got energy to msg my friends and update them. I cant sleep all night, kept watching tv. I hate staying at hospitals.

I didnt manage to breast feed my baby fully due to my inverted nipples which I need to pump out the milk at home. Baby was fine Alhamdullilah passed the metabolism and hearing test & no Jaundice. One tip to prevent jaundice is drink Ajwa date juice or eat the dates it really helps.

For me labour was a wonderful thing to actually face it. I don't have good pregnancy but I have sweet memories for labour. Allah maha adil. When people keep telling me about horror labour stories, the pain for 1st child is more painful, take longer time & etc its no true actually. Its all depend on luck & Allah wills. And yes as a muslim we as pregnant mummies, have some tips & practices to follow to ease labour.  Pls dont shout, save ur energy. So you may follow all that tips. It really helps you alot!

And yah don't listen about pooping and peeing stories too. Just relax alright. So InShaaAllah if time permits will tell you about my pantang journey & gynae review. So yeah. Got to go now!


Sunday, 10 January 2016

Doctor Sidek Charges

Salam All,

So I am gonna talk about Dr Sidek. 1st of all we will be or should I say I'll be delivering my baby at ParkwayEast Hospital. The reason mainly because its at East Area. 2ndly review, experienced mid wives. 3rdly, its cater more to muslim community. 4thly I have been dreaming to deliver my baby there. Hehe!

I find Dr Sidek is very fatherly & friendly. His charges was not that bad compare to other gynae. He's also not the kind of asking me to do this test & that test. Currently I have skip my detail scan & my down syndrome test. I'll just tawakal. 

Okay for my 1st appointment consultant fees and scanning charges cost us ard $198 with scanning & also consultation & morning sickness pills. (Folic acid I had mine because I have been consuming it since 3 mths b4 preggy). 
 For 2nd appoinment they charge us under subsequent visit + blood test (such as HIV, HEP B, No of Iron, Red blood counts and etc) + 2 vitamins for blood & 1 for overall pregnancy cost us $321. And during our 2nd appointment I inform Dr Sidek that we are going for our baby moon. He told us it was safe to travel on airplane & told us to come before we flyoff 1 week before departure date. 

So during our 3rd appointment, my blood result was clear from any abnormalities and doctor check that baby was fine. I asked him about the antenatal package when can we start and he tell me we can actually start already. I was like stunned it was quite early I was 11 weeks and his fine with it told me to pay half of the package and pay half some other time. So I save 1 appointment charges which is great. Antenatal package is $621 and when I come next time I dont need to pay for visits for only  vitamins and my vitamins can last 2 mths. Below what includes and what is not.

2.Urine tests
3.Ultrasound scans
4.There is no limit to the number of visits.
1.Blood tests (eg. Antenatal 11+ HIV Test)
3.CTG (Cardio-Tocography to test fetal heart beat)
4.Postnatal visits
5.Vaginal Swab Test at 36 weeks

For CTG I dont think I pay because when doctor scan already can hear heart beat.The total amount I pay is abt $1100 and yes the nurses there's nice & I feel so comfortable with them. Anyway baby show gender already and I will keep it a secret at the moment till baby popped out. So next post will be experiencing babymoon when u are on your 1st trimester. Sorry my post is not in order. 

So got to go now. Takecare lovelies!!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Hating milk ..........

Hello ladies,

1st of all Happy 2016!

1st of all till date I tried to drink milk but I still cant telan. Dont ask me why, I feel like puking! Gross!!

I remember it nearly my 4th month of pregnancy, I have this bad gumache. It was so bad that I cried. I was thinking that if contraction will be really this bad. My friend told me that it was due to lack of calcium and vitamins and all those essential intake that I have not been properly taking in food. My morning sickness still come and goes. My appetite still does not hike up. And I remember that was during deepavali week that Im on MC for 1 whole week coz of gumache, flu & also vomitting.

That incident give me a slap. Yes thru out my 1st 4 months my health is haywire. Been quarantine myself most of the time in my room. Lack of Energy. I ask around my friend which supplement is good for pregnancy and yes I finally found a good one.

The product name is Shaklee. Good thing about this pdt they have early pregnancy set, 2nd & 3rd trimester set & confinement set too... (See below picture)

 And infact when your supplement tak habis you can bring forward to set pantang. Alot of my friend did try and they recover really fast. I got more cheaper price from a dealer.

I ordered only Oste Matrix & Vita C since I still have 1 supplement from gynae. And my only concern is regarding calcium & health. My blood test was perfect, no diabeties currently and no any complication Alhamdullilah.

For Oste Matrix 1 bottle is for a mth consumption and u have to take 4 pills per day. For Vita C, 1 pill for day and its can last about 5 mths for 1 bottle. Alhamdullilah after eating these 2, I felt much more energetic in the sense that I can jalan2 & during my 5th check up (19weeksplus) I gain 2 kg after 4 months! Baby growing 350g & length nearly to 17cm. I just can't wait for this coming Wed checkup. Oh yesh baby still not showing gender & I hope baby will do it this coming Wed. InShaaAllah....

Anyway You can actually find this supplement at Watson or Gurdian but they cost quite a bomb.  If anyone of u have questions or want it you may wish to drop me an email. I can give you her contact. She is nice & friendly.

On another note baby moving getting more active and kick every now and there. I simply love the feeling!
So yeah. That's all for now. & I have been wanting to blogged about Dr Sidek & his charges. Okay I promised next entry ok. InShaaAllah.

Well Nitey2!!

Friday, 11 December 2015

When we decided on our Gynae

Salam ladies,
Today Im 19th weeks 5 days already. Yeay! Im official done with my 1st trimester!!
Well after I found out that Im pregnant, I do a thourough research on gynae for a day. From friends view & personal experience. From KKH gynae to private Gynae consider on their fees & experience. So after a deep thought, we finally agree on Dr Sidek which years ago he is once located at East Point and now moved to Novena Specialist Center.
(I broke the tradition of my cuzz sebelah mum which always took Dr Aziz at Kembangan. Haha!)
I book an appointment on the 25th Aug to confirm my pregnancy. My mum was with me for our 1st appoinment since my husband is on his AM shift.
Dr Sidek 1st question asked "Dah berapa lama kahwin?" And at that point of time I pass the 7th month marked. His sentence shocked me. "Oh dah lama jugak tu kahwin." In my heart was like seriously, some of my friends were married for 3 years and 1 year plus still did not get any kids while Im married less then a year he said thats late? Haha!
After all the answering & questioning session. He did a scan n there's an egg Sac. Im so happy when I saw it. Like accidentally in love. He told me e baby looks fine but need to take care of it since its still early. Dr Sidek ask me if I have been eating Folic acids which I already am on it since June 15 and still have some at home. He told me to keep eating it till the next checkup and he give me this morning sickness pill just in case if morning sickness strikes.
2nd Checkup Dr Sidek just ask if I want to do a Down Sydrome test for the baby. One thing good about him is he didnt force. He is the one saying that usually our Muslim community seldom took up this test becoz we "Tawakkal". As long as we devoted to HIM & keep on praying things will goes well. InShaaAllah. Anyway this is our 1st child and the risk is low. InShaaAllah things will be good. We heard baby heart beat!! And tears rolling down my eyes. Hehe! I need to donate my blood as he need to check if theres any abnomalities in my blood which Im pretty sure I will be fine as I did yearly checkup.
Well Dr gave me this iron pill & this night busuk pill for me to eat. As for Iron pill once the blood result is out, I can stop eating it and continue eating that busuk pill.
Ouh well Morning sickness didnt strike after my 2nd checkup on e 8th week! Its not Morning Sickness it is night sickness haha! I cant eat chicken. Cant smell of chicken which is frying. What I ate I vomit out. And I got 2 days MC on the 8th week. It got better off eating the pills that Dr Sidek gave me but sometimes I will still puke at night.
Lost of appetitite & losing weight is not fair during pregnancy. I have been wanting too lose weight for the past 7mths but did not work. Haha! I admire those people who puke but still got appetitite to eat.
I cant even drink milk! So I just need to monitor on my food in take. I bearly eat rice also. But whatever Im facing with Im glad that baby is growing well. Madly and deeply in love with you syg. Ur father was super excited and yes your father treats me well. And Im feeling like a princess when your grandparents & uncle concern was superb! They are equally excited for your arrival and not to forget ur cuzz Aunties and Cuzz grandparents too.. Alhamdullilah so much love for you syg.
Ouh yesh ladies who interested to know about Dr Sidek charges can check it out at his website below. He's pretty affordable and reasonable too for a private Doctor.  Coming up I will talk about the Anaetal package. Orite.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New updates

Hey ladies...

I have been missing from updating my blog. And it s due to drumrollsss.....
Jeng Jeng Jeng
Im pregnant and my 1st trimester is ending for the last week!

Alhamdullilah unexpected pregnancy I might say.
And baby confirm plus chop it was made in batam during SG50 long weekend.

During that period is my fertility week and the day we are at batam is my ovulation day. After 6th month of trying 5 days after the 7th mth I received a very good news.

My 1st 2 weeks of conception is my sick period. 1st week i was diagnosed with fever. Once Im better suddenly diarrhea. Like seriously. And a few days b4 my menses all e sickness stop and I felt weird y all these menses symptoms are not here yet.

On 22nd Aug i dun feel right coz menses not here. My menses use to be late pn e 1st mth of marriage but there's menses symptoms but these I have no symptoms at all. And I read article tt during conception ppl may fall sick
I took out test kit(I got 4 kits at home from cheap one to watsons brand just in case) that I bought from mustafa a few mths ago and tried at night. Supposingly it should be e 1st pee of e morning. I can wait till mxt morning.

Waited for 2 mins. And yeah there is a faint positive line. I was freaking happy smiling to myslf didnt let my mum know 1st. But surprise my husband when he came back frm his AM shift.

He was so happy but told me to take another round of test in e morning b4 we break the news to our family.

It was sunday and I woke up for my subuh prayers and took out my Be safe $3 kit from Unity and use my 1st pee of the day to test. And yes it is positive and much more darker then the mustafa kit. And that's the day I broke e news to both families. And they were happy! Both 1st cucu!

Monday, I told 2 of my werk fren what is e next step. So they told me to book a gynae as soon as possible. I have one in mind and husband approved it way earlier during our after wedding convo. But still I surveying other options.

But after deep thots. Which 2 of my fren have went there. I decided to choose that gynae. Call the clinic and they told me to come on the following day. And yah gatal me still want to finish up my watson stick. So i tried of Mon and Tues also. And it is definitely confirmed im preggy coz the positive line is getting darker. Hehe.

Anyway Alhamdullilah for the opportunity. I am really happy instead of worrying abt the labour pain. Rezki after my hijrah. And yesh I thank Allah that good thing kept coming in after my hijrah.

Ouh anyway which gynae Im taking? I will update you in my upcoming post after my babymoon InShaaAllah. Well goodnite ladies and Salam Maal Hijrah.

Thursday, 13 August 2015


Hi Alls,

2 mths not been updating ya.. So well..  I have alot to talk but no time to compose.. Well if u ladies want an update from me.. I more active on Instagram.. The only social media updates abt me life..Mybe pictures is much more faster then blogging.. Will be back for more blogging sooner or later.. So yeah..! Hope ladies2 life disana seme sihat2 belaka!
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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Supplement for married couple.


Well getting married is not the time that you should neglect your body systems. For the 1st 1mth I went thru a lot of hormone changes. Sleepy & tired. I could see my husband tired too.

I can't stand with my current self till I ask my frenz if they have something that can actually boost me & husband energy.

For woman;

My fren recommended this. BioPrima Madurapat Plus Collagen. So what does this jamu does? Ermm sorry no translation for this is English.

Meningkatkan kecergasan
~Ketetapan menstrurasi (kitaran haid)
~ Mengatasi masalah keputihan, lendir2 & gatal2 pada faraj
~ Meningkatkan tahap kesuburan
~ Menguatkan otot2 & peranakan
~ Mengempiskan perut
~ Mengatasi masalah senggugut
~ Menghilangkan bau badan & faraj
~ Mengatasi masalah penurunan keinginan seksual
~ Merapatkan kembali otot2 rahim selepas bersalin
~ Merawat luka dalaman (rahim & faraj)
~ Memejalkan payudara
~ Mencegah kanser payudara & pangkal rahim
~ Melancarkan peredaran darah dalam badan
~ Mencantikkan kulit & menceriakan wajah
 ~ Melambatkan menopause
~ Memperbaiki sistem imunisasi dalam badan
~ Melegakan sakit pinggang & belakang
~ Melawaskan pembuangan air kecil & besar


This collagen was really good, I don't feel that tired. The collagen make my skins supple & yeah my breast too have changes. The mengempiskan perut doesn't have any effects on me haha! How does it taste? The taste was really nice like syrup see the colour? Sedap.
And I am on my 2nd bottle now waiting for my 3rd bottle which my colleague going to buy at JB. If you want to get this at JB, you can get it  at Pandan city or Angsana area. You may get it less then RM68. And for Singapore you can get it a Albarakah or certain jamu shops for $30+. I only take 2 tablespoon at night coz I have no time to take this jamu early in the morning as I always eat my breakfast at work.

Oh and I just started eating folic acid abt 2 weeks ago. And I eat this after my breakfast. Since this is a pill form, its easy for me to take it to work. So one tablet in the morning folic acid & 2 tablespoon of Madurapat at night.
                                                                                So what is folic acid?
Folic acid, which is also called folate, is a B vitamin. The best food sources of folic acid are fortified cereals. Folic acid plays an important role in the production of red blood cells and helps your baby's neural tube develop into her brain and spinal cord. Red blood cells are important because they carry oxygen from your lungs to all parts of your body.Some studies show that folic acid may help protect you from heart disease. Scientists are still learning about all the benefits of folic acid.
Who should take folic acid & benefits?
All women, even if they’re not trying to get pregnant, should take folic acid.Folic acid helps prevent NTDs only if taken before pregnancy and during the first few weeks of pregnancy, often before a woman may even know she’s pregnant. 
Actually we can take food such as spinach, pasta & etc but in my case its hard for me to maintain tt kind of diet so its better to just eat this vitamin pill. You may get this at pharmacy for $3 for 30days consumption.
Supplement for my husband Arjuna by D'herbs
  1. Mengekalkan khasiatnya sebagai makananan tambahan untuk lelaki
  2. Meningkatkan stamina dan metabolisma badan.
  3. Melancarkan peredaran darah dan menguatkan sistem imun badan.
  4. Meningkatkan tenaga batin dan nafsu syahwat.
  5. Menyembuhkan mati pucuk dan menstabilkan hormon lelaki.
So far I could see my husband feel energetic when gg to work. Since his working shift & especially during at night he really need some booster to boost him. You can get this at JB too for RM 39 or cheaper & for Singapore you can find at Albakarah also.
So far my friend who drink this madu rapat & arjuna conceived. We are not desperate to get a baby but currently we taking by all means to actually stabilise our fertility before I am ready to have one. As Im 29 this year & husband 30 years its not gonna be easy for us. I am lucky that my husband actually willingly to eat supplements. No ego on his part. Whatever it is Allah is the one who decide whether its the perfect time to get a baby. InShaaAllah kite usaha, Allah menentukan.
So that's my 2nd post of the day. See you another time.