Sunday, 10 January 2016

Doctor Sidek Charges

Salam All,

So I am gonna talk about Dr Sidek. 1st of all we will be or should I say I'll be delivering my baby at ParkwayEast Hospital. The reason mainly because its at East Area. 2ndly review, experienced mid wives. 3rdly, its cater more to muslim community. 4thly I have been dreaming to deliver my baby there. Hehe!

I find Dr Sidek is very fatherly & friendly. His charges was not that bad compare to other gynae. He's also not the kind of asking me to do this test & that test. Currently I have skip my detail scan & my down syndrome test. I'll just tawakal. 

Okay for my 1st appointment consultant fees and scanning charges cost us ard $198 with scanning & also consultation & morning sickness pills. (Folic acid I had mine because I have been consuming it since 3 mths b4 preggy). 
 For 2nd appoinment they charge us under subsequent visit + blood test (such as HIV, HEP B, No of Iron, Red blood counts and etc) + 2 vitamins for blood & 1 for overall pregnancy cost us $321. And during our 2nd appointment I inform Dr Sidek that we are going for our baby moon. He told us it was safe to travel on airplane & told us to come before we flyoff 1 week before departure date. 

So during our 3rd appointment, my blood result was clear from any abnormalities and doctor check that baby was fine. I asked him about the antenatal package when can we start and he tell me we can actually start already. I was like stunned it was quite early I was 11 weeks and his fine with it told me to pay half of the package and pay half some other time. So I save 1 appointment charges which is great. Antenatal package is $621 and when I come next time I dont need to pay for visits for only  vitamins and my vitamins can last 2 mths. Below what includes and what is not.

2.Urine tests
3.Ultrasound scans
4.There is no limit to the number of visits.
1.Blood tests (eg. Antenatal 11+ HIV Test)
3.CTG (Cardio-Tocography to test fetal heart beat)
4.Postnatal visits
5.Vaginal Swab Test at 36 weeks

For CTG I dont think I pay because when doctor scan already can hear heart beat.The total amount I pay is abt $1100 and yes the nurses there's nice & I feel so comfortable with them. Anyway baby show gender already and I will keep it a secret at the moment till baby popped out. So next post will be experiencing babymoon when u are on your 1st trimester. Sorry my post is not in order. 

So got to go now. Takecare lovelies!!

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