Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Hating milk ..........

Hello ladies,

1st of all Happy 2016!

1st of all till date I tried to drink milk but I still cant telan. Dont ask me why, I feel like puking! Gross!!

I remember it nearly my 4th month of pregnancy, I have this bad gumache. It was so bad that I cried. I was thinking that if contraction will be really this bad. My friend told me that it was due to lack of calcium and vitamins and all those essential intake that I have not been properly taking in food. My morning sickness still come and goes. My appetite still does not hike up. And I remember that was during deepavali week that Im on MC for 1 whole week coz of gumache, flu & also vomitting.

That incident give me a slap. Yes thru out my 1st 4 months my health is haywire. Been quarantine myself most of the time in my room. Lack of Energy. I ask around my friend which supplement is good for pregnancy and yes I finally found a good one.

The product name is Shaklee. Good thing about this pdt they have early pregnancy set, 2nd & 3rd trimester set & confinement set too... (See below picture)

 And infact when your supplement tak habis you can bring forward to set pantang. Alot of my friend did try and they recover really fast. I got more cheaper price from a dealer.

I ordered only Oste Matrix & Vita C since I still have 1 supplement from gynae. And my only concern is regarding calcium & health. My blood test was perfect, no diabeties currently and no any complication Alhamdullilah.

For Oste Matrix 1 bottle is for a mth consumption and u have to take 4 pills per day. For Vita C, 1 pill for day and its can last about 5 mths for 1 bottle. Alhamdullilah after eating these 2, I felt much more energetic in the sense that I can jalan2 & during my 5th check up (19weeksplus) I gain 2 kg after 4 months! Baby growing 350g & length nearly to 17cm. I just can't wait for this coming Wed checkup. Oh yesh baby still not showing gender & I hope baby will do it this coming Wed. InShaaAllah....

Anyway You can actually find this supplement at Watson or Gurdian but they cost quite a bomb.  If anyone of u have questions or want it you may wish to drop me an email. I can give you her contact. She is nice & friendly.

On another note baby moving getting more active and kick every now and there. I simply love the feeling!
So yeah. That's all for now. & I have been wanting to blogged about Dr Sidek & his charges. Okay I promised next entry ok. InShaaAllah.

Well Nitey2!!

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