Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New updates

Hey ladies...

I have been missing from updating my blog. And it s due to drumrollsss.....
Jeng Jeng Jeng
Im pregnant and my 1st trimester is ending for the last week!

Alhamdullilah unexpected pregnancy I might say.
And baby confirm plus chop it was made in batam during SG50 long weekend.

During that period is my fertility week and the day we are at batam is my ovulation day. After 6th month of trying 5 days after the 7th mth I received a very good news.

My 1st 2 weeks of conception is my sick period. 1st week i was diagnosed with fever. Once Im better suddenly diarrhea. Like seriously. And a few days b4 my menses all e sickness stop and I felt weird y all these menses symptoms are not here yet.

On 22nd Aug i dun feel right coz menses not here. My menses use to be late pn e 1st mth of marriage but there's menses symptoms but these I have no symptoms at all. And I read article tt during conception ppl may fall sick
I took out test kit(I got 4 kits at home from cheap one to watsons brand just in case) that I bought from mustafa a few mths ago and tried at night. Supposingly it should be e 1st pee of e morning. I can wait till mxt morning.

Waited for 2 mins. And yeah there is a faint positive line. I was freaking happy smiling to myslf didnt let my mum know 1st. But surprise my husband when he came back frm his AM shift.

He was so happy but told me to take another round of test in e morning b4 we break the news to our family.

It was sunday and I woke up for my subuh prayers and took out my Be safe $3 kit from Unity and use my 1st pee of the day to test. And yes it is positive and much more darker then the mustafa kit. And that's the day I broke e news to both families. And they were happy! Both 1st cucu!

Monday, I told 2 of my werk fren what is e next step. So they told me to book a gynae as soon as possible. I have one in mind and husband approved it way earlier during our after wedding convo. But still I surveying other options.

But after deep thots. Which 2 of my fren have went there. I decided to choose that gynae. Call the clinic and they told me to come on the following day. And yah gatal me still want to finish up my watson stick. So i tried of Mon and Tues also. And it is definitely confirmed im preggy coz the positive line is getting darker. Hehe.

Anyway Alhamdullilah for the opportunity. I am really happy instead of worrying abt the labour pain. Rezki after my hijrah. And yesh I thank Allah that good thing kept coming in after my hijrah.

Ouh anyway which gynae Im taking? I will update you in my upcoming post after my babymoon InShaaAllah. Well goodnite ladies and Salam Maal Hijrah.

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