Thursday, 19 May 2016

My birth story

Hey All,
Last updated January. I should have updated my babymoon story but nevermind too lazy and tired during pregnancy. And was hospitalized on Feb at CGH for a week and bed rest for 3 weeks at home. Was having migraine which lead to my left eye nerve to see double. They called is Diplopia and lucky it was not due to pregnancy which make my gynae worried and afraid if there's tumour and if there is I need to go for c-sec which Im against it. Alhamdullilah all is well. My vomits stop at 8th month and my appetite was huge! But I gain 1kg only.
So its gonna be a long story so bear with me yah. On 15th April like some of you know, Gynae request for dilation check. So Im okay with it. When he checked, he told me I was 4cm dilated. I was like What? He asked if I felt some contraction, I told him I don't. So he asked the nurse to quickly checked baby heartbeat and my contraction level.

Alhamdullilah no contraction and baby heartbeat is fine so he told me anytime soon, anything just give him a call before check in to hospital. I still can joke with gynae,I still can eat at Hyde & co and Overrun Chendol Ice cream in the afternoon.

I informed my boss that it is going to be anytime soon. The next couple of days my tummy have this urge to poo, a few times in and out of toilet. I didnt think it was contraction and I read that one of the sign of your body getting ready for labour is frequent pooing. I decided to take my ML on the 18th of Apr as my mum told me too. I was too heavy to walk and tired. She afraid i might gg on labour at work.

Pooing never stop till appointment Friday 22 Apr 11am. Gynae saw me while he is attending to a few babies circumcition, personally told me to rest in a small room while the nurse will check baby heartbeat & contraction. Still no contraction but nurse gave me a hint that baby heartbeat lessen and usually it is sign of labour. I didnt think much though. When its my turn to see gynae, he check my dilation at it was already 5 cm. Scan for baby head oso didnt see as she was already down under. Haha.

He told my husband to go for friday prayers ask me to rest and eat before check in hospital at 4pm (but we check in at 5pm as my husband wanted to pray for Asar).
My husband managed to get me Prima deli's Cheese egg tart! My final crave.

I managed to solat Zuhur recite Surah Maryam, eat and sleep. Woke up at 330pm to bath and bloody show pop! My mum told me to drink air Selusur (consist of ayat2 Quran). I drank air Kurma too and lots of plain water scared cant drink in the labour room.

5pm Reached at Parwayeast Hospital. Both of us was so noobed. We took Q no for labour registration where we can strait tell the Reg counter that Im on labour. Still can talk with the insurance agent there! Duh!!

The Lady panic and quickly bring me to the labour ward. She thought that
i came for pre-admission coz I looked so relax.

Check in. Changed clothes. Midwives checked I was about 8cm dilated. SubhanaAllah Air selusuh miracle within a short period my dilation opened up quite fast. Friendly Midwives told me they like looking at me I can still joke and laugh with them, no nervous look. Gynae told me labour gonna be fast for me. He'll broke my waterbag soon. Took Selfies and sent it to my friends updating about my current situation. And while waiting I listen to Surah Maryam (This really help to ease ur nervousness, trust me hehe).

715pm still no contraction, Gynae came in and broke my waterbag. Saying that soon you 'll feel it. They kinda worried too coz if I dont feel the contraction I wouldnt know if baby is coming out or not. 830pm I feel the pushing urge, ask the Midwives for laughing gas. I told my husband this is it. I took it twice and I throw it away coz I feel so giddy. My husband hold my hands, stroke my hair and keep reminding me to zikir. My mouth didnt stop zikir. A few minutes later I told my husband to tell the nurse that the contraction is really bad. Nurse checked and it was almost time. It was 900pm when they called gynae and get me in the position. Midwives teaches me how to push and breathing. At one point I heard them joking, it really help me to smile. Heard them saying to my husband, you can see baby hair.

Gynae didnt gave me any drip, said to the nurse no vacuum coz he said my patient can do it without any of this. He didnt know my heart say faster lah baby popped!

Contraction came I pushed, I really dont remember how many times I pushed. The last pushed I felt my baby popped! And pain was gone. Natural with no pain killers really make me feel how my mum feel during those time without these. The pain she went through and these make me treasure her even more.

 Chubby lil baby I might say! My husband called my parents. Passed me the phone. My mum asked me "Eh kak, kau dah beranak ke tidak ni? Suara kau macam tak beranak?".

Jokingly told her, Im done and can go for no.2. Haha! I got 6 stiches overall. Alhamdullilah. My daughter Nur Rifqah Damia was born on the 22nd Apr, 16th Rejab at 9.34pm.

After all, midwives changed my clothes and got me admitted to the ward. My hubby got home after Im warded coz visiting hours over and 4 bedded, husband cant stay. He brought the placenta home for burial coz I dont trust hospitals. I got energy to msg my friends and update them. I cant sleep all night, kept watching tv. I hate staying at hospitals.

I didnt manage to breast feed my baby fully due to my inverted nipples which I need to pump out the milk at home. Baby was fine Alhamdullilah passed the metabolism and hearing test & no Jaundice. One tip to prevent jaundice is drink Ajwa date juice or eat the dates it really helps.

For me labour was a wonderful thing to actually face it. I don't have good pregnancy but I have sweet memories for labour. Allah maha adil. When people keep telling me about horror labour stories, the pain for 1st child is more painful, take longer time & etc its no true actually. Its all depend on luck & Allah wills. And yes as a muslim we as pregnant mummies, have some tips & practices to follow to ease labour.  Pls dont shout, save ur energy. So you may follow all that tips. It really helps you alot!

And yah don't listen about pooping and peeing stories too. Just relax alright. So InShaaAllah if time permits will tell you about my pantang journey & gynae review. So yeah. Got to go now!


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