Friday, 11 December 2015

When we decided on our Gynae

Salam ladies,
Today Im 19th weeks 5 days already. Yeay! Im official done with my 1st trimester!!
Well after I found out that Im pregnant, I do a thourough research on gynae for a day. From friends view & personal experience. From KKH gynae to private Gynae consider on their fees & experience. So after a deep thought, we finally agree on Dr Sidek which years ago he is once located at East Point and now moved to Novena Specialist Center.
(I broke the tradition of my cuzz sebelah mum which always took Dr Aziz at Kembangan. Haha!)
I book an appointment on the 25th Aug to confirm my pregnancy. My mum was with me for our 1st appoinment since my husband is on his AM shift.
Dr Sidek 1st question asked "Dah berapa lama kahwin?" And at that point of time I pass the 7th month marked. His sentence shocked me. "Oh dah lama jugak tu kahwin." In my heart was like seriously, some of my friends were married for 3 years and 1 year plus still did not get any kids while Im married less then a year he said thats late? Haha!
After all the answering & questioning session. He did a scan n there's an egg Sac. Im so happy when I saw it. Like accidentally in love. He told me e baby looks fine but need to take care of it since its still early. Dr Sidek ask me if I have been eating Folic acids which I already am on it since June 15 and still have some at home. He told me to keep eating it till the next checkup and he give me this morning sickness pill just in case if morning sickness strikes.
2nd Checkup Dr Sidek just ask if I want to do a Down Sydrome test for the baby. One thing good about him is he didnt force. He is the one saying that usually our Muslim community seldom took up this test becoz we "Tawakkal". As long as we devoted to HIM & keep on praying things will goes well. InShaaAllah. Anyway this is our 1st child and the risk is low. InShaaAllah things will be good. We heard baby heart beat!! And tears rolling down my eyes. Hehe! I need to donate my blood as he need to check if theres any abnomalities in my blood which Im pretty sure I will be fine as I did yearly checkup.
Well Dr gave me this iron pill & this night busuk pill for me to eat. As for Iron pill once the blood result is out, I can stop eating it and continue eating that busuk pill.
Ouh well Morning sickness didnt strike after my 2nd checkup on e 8th week! Its not Morning Sickness it is night sickness haha! I cant eat chicken. Cant smell of chicken which is frying. What I ate I vomit out. And I got 2 days MC on the 8th week. It got better off eating the pills that Dr Sidek gave me but sometimes I will still puke at night.
Lost of appetitite & losing weight is not fair during pregnancy. I have been wanting too lose weight for the past 7mths but did not work. Haha! I admire those people who puke but still got appetitite to eat.
I cant even drink milk! So I just need to monitor on my food in take. I bearly eat rice also. But whatever Im facing with Im glad that baby is growing well. Madly and deeply in love with you syg. Ur father was super excited and yes your father treats me well. And Im feeling like a princess when your grandparents & uncle concern was superb! They are equally excited for your arrival and not to forget ur cuzz Aunties and Cuzz grandparents too.. Alhamdullilah so much love for you syg.
Ouh yesh ladies who interested to know about Dr Sidek charges can check it out at his website below. He's pretty affordable and reasonable too for a private Doctor.  Coming up I will talk about the Anaetal package. Orite.

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