Sunday, 7 June 2015

Being a wife..

Hello all,

Today blog is something to share life Being a wife is not easy as it really is. Living with someone which you "barely" know is no easy as 1 2 3. Haha! Why do I say that, during your courtship your partner will not show you his/her exact true colours for example his bad habits. Different in family brought up is also another challenge. Its not easy though.

Lets start with housework.
Extra responsibility added which is taking care of husband well being. Haha. Yesh people will say we are working wife, in the context of Islam wife is not a maid. I agree with that statement but I still can't help myself to do housework. Washing his laundry, fold his clothes, prepare for him breakfast/rush back from work to pack his dinner before his night shift, at times research for a new recipe for cooking (only on a selected date), washing the toilet & etc. Beside when your husband praise your cooking you will feel delighted!

He do help in certain things like folding clothes, clean up the bedsheet in the morning, if I am dreadful to wake up in the morning to prepare him breakfast he is fine for that & helping in preparing e dishes for dinner. Its not easy to actually trained a husband without nagging. Haha! The greatest thing after doing that is not me who massage him when his back from work, he is the one will do that. Alhamdulillah.

Little arguments here and there will always happen & eventually we will make it up thereafter. His kind of the stubborn type but with a soft heart which can't see me sad. He has his flaws but what I could say that having him is a blessing. Compromise, give & take, encourage each other its a must. And when I hear people talk about their husband, I tell myself "You should be happy to have him".

The love we had previously is much more stronger after getting married. Why? His working shift. 4 days 12 hours AM shift, 4 day off (but sometimes 2 days only coz sometimes his been activated for OT) & 4 days 12 hours PM shift even to get leave its quite hard. We don't really sleep together everyday. Especially during his AM & PM shift we only get to see each other roughly 2 hours b4 we off to sleep & he off to work. Every Sat & Sundays we seldom spend time together. Certain wife dislike husband working this kinda of shift work but for me I am used to it. To think of it "kalau hari2 jumpa pun takut macam rimas jugak kan". Hehe. But we make a point that we should not stop dating even going for grocery shopping date for 1 hour. Its not about how long we spend with each other, its about the quality.

With in laws
Alhamdulillah no problems with them so far. I seldom visit them only once a month since my father-in-law & mother-in-law to work shift so its kinda hard to manage their working time & visit them. And my husband have no problem with my family so far. And that what I like.

I am still new to marriage life but I hope with Allah guidance we both may manage thru this relationships till Jannah. InShaaAllah. Just keep reminding each other responsibility, bring each other to Islamic classes, constant reminder to perform our Salah. InShaaAllah life will be good. And yeah when you are happy with your life you can see that your body weight increase lil bit. Hehe!

Got to go now. Till next!

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