Saturday, 2 May 2015

Honeymoon Part 2

 Hi Ladies,

I have been missing fr nearly 2 mths plus I guess. Been bz with managing my parents, husband and work.
This post might be long with photos so bear with it yah. Without further ado let me start e ball rolling.

So after me and my husband had our power nap, refresh ourself and solat, we decided to walk around the resort before heading to the Viu bear watching sunset before our dinner at the Indian where we had breakfast before heading to the room for watching TV time. Got to say that their Wifi is good till we can even do a video call to our family.

Viu Bar


Nothing much Breakfast at Indian Ocean Again (Breakfast only available at Indian Ocean so literally we makan breakkie there everyday) 

Play games at the games room. Book our snorkelling trip (USD 65 each) for e 3rd day and MALE city trip on e 4th day (USD 60 each).
Had our lunch at the Italian restaurant. Their meal was awesome!
Their Layout & View outside the restaurant..

Starter : Salmon with mango sauce & Bread cheese & turkey bacon. 

 Main Dishes. Creamy Spaghetti & Fish salad. Super Nyumz!

Desert Creme bu lee.  Sedap also!! Once done with our delicious lunch we went back to the room for our prayer and change to our swimming gear and swim under our villa. We saw alot of fish and capture in our video camera. Just a snippets wats down under. 
The tide was very2 hide and Im easily tired. SO once we are tired swimming we sleep. (Yes we sleep alot here. So relaxing). 5pm we woke up and get ready for our dinner at 7pm for our Thai dishes "candle light dinner" buffet beside the pool side. 

 ALot of dishes there. but we were so hungry that we forgotten to take all the food we ate. But overall it was nice! Right after that we jalan2 by the beach. Dating and go back to our villa.
3rd DAY
We woke up late had some bread at our room and went for a deep in the sea. A few pictures wat we found under our villa again. Once nearly our lunch time we went to the Indian Ocean again. Had lunch and walk around till 245pm for our snorkelling session.

Our boat. We have videos of it but Im too lazy to upload. I was on panic attack mode where the instructor give me the float and guide me thru till I saw a turtle! How can I not be panic with the tide like that! 45 mins it was tiring. I got to thank the instructor for being patience with me. Haha!

So by 500pm we reach our tiny island wash up and get ready for our dinner. Today dinner we booked at and Arabian restaurant. See cantikkan the deco?

  So today we ate meat for dinner. Sedap giler lah! Done with dinner we went to Villa for early night coz Im too tired! 


Woke up early and went for our breakfast before our MALE city trip at 10pm.

 Sultan Jetty with hand grave (Right) & (Left) Canon where they use for war

The Sultan house where special guest will stay here while him somewherelse. (Right) the old mosque which was made by coral. 
(Left) The biggest mosque,
Their fisher men & Male was famous with Tuna.
The trip was fun coz alot of history learnt. After that we went to buy souvenior. Much cheaper then the villa so yeah. (Right ) My tour guide and Irish couple.
12 pm we reached the villa and we ate Thai. So basically for lunch we both ate the same! Lazy to choose menu. Haha!

The friendly guy!
 Done with our lunch we quickly solat and change to our swim suit again and swim by the beach coz i want to see baby shark before we go for our massage at 6pm. Yes we manage to capture it at my video after chasing them for quite sometimes.

Too bad that during our time we didnt manage to see live ikan pari, maybe not the musim yet I guess. So done with our swimming, we quickly get change and enjoy our last drink at Viu Bar and head down to our Spa!

 Welcome drink and choice of oil. We use lemongrass oil and each person cos USD $100 for 90 mins of massage. Yes it is expensive but definitely worth the money. Masseuse were good and fantastic sea view! We didnt manage to take pictures coz we put our stuff at locker room. 

Done with the massage and we head down to Italian restaurant. I tell you every food I taste was so super delicious! The best Garlic bread eva taste was here tooo! You will see some staff we have made frenz with in our photo. They are the one who like to talk to us and their service was excellent! Done with dinner we walk around during our last night and went to sleep.

5th Day and the last day.

It was quite an emotional day for us. We definitely gonna miss Maldives. Alhamdullilah for the great experience thru out our holiday! I thank Allah for giving us a chance! 

We checked out and left our luggage in e room as the buggee will bring them to the reception. So whatever last minute souveniors I bought was charge to our room billed. Ouh by the way whatever activities you done during your stay if you have debit or credit card they will charge once you check out. 

 So yah last photography session, get on the speed boat and boarded the airplane with a heavy heart. If I had chance I will like to go there again InShaaAllah!

So How much I spend roughly and btw we only bring USD$500 there and the rest was charge to our debit card.

Return ticket 2 paxs Flight (Tiger Airway) with 2 Meals, Luggage = $785
5D 4N Overwater Villa Centara Ras Fushi Resort Fullboard with land tfr = $4210
Male visit 2 Paxs = USD $130 
Souveniors Male Visit (Souvenior shop) = USD $150 (Charge thru card)
Souveniors at Centara = USD $150
Misc charges = USD $50
Snorkelling 2 paxs =USD $120
90 mins spa = USD $200
Roughly we spend ard SGD$ visiting Maldives. 

So yeah Total money spend for total trip is $6000++.. So for you honeymooners thinking of Maldives yes it is the right place for relaxing. So for this. Im done with honeymoon topic. So will be back again soon! See ya ladies!!!

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