Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Honeymoon - (21st Jan 15 PART 1)


Hi everyone,

Now I will story about my honeymooning! 
Due to some leave constraint we decided not to take long holiday and saving our leave for end of the year subjected to NO BABY. 

So as you all know I went to Maldives. Weee!!! A beautiful islamic country. So on the 31st Aug 14 we booked our trip to Male 5D4N from travel agent Jetabout. We only booked their land package as SIA only have night flight on weekdays. Since its only 4 hours flight we booked Tiger Air.

Our flight is at 9.10 am in the morning. Woke up at 4.30 am to do last minute packing. 6.30 am hail a cab and my parents send us to the airport. Thanks to my parents for waking up early in the morning!

While waiting for the flight. Nak selit sikit I simply love my Cath Kisthon passport cover. Hehe!

9.10 Am our flight fly off from Changi Airport!

Reached Male airport 10.45 am Male time, Which Mean Singapore timing is 1.45pm as Male is 3 hours behind SG time. It was a bumpy ride. There was once our flight literally bump till my cup of tea jump too! Haha. I keep zikir from the start of the flight till we reached Male airport. 

Upon reaching we look for our resort booth Centara Ras Fushi Resort! Our resort booth is somewhere in e 1st row. I am sitting at the bench while we wait for the arrival of our boat. 

Our luggage tagged with room no.

So I will like to tell you alil bit why we choose Centara Ras Fushi once honeymoon chapter is over.
So our boat arrived and the person in charged direct us to the boat. The view was breath taking! oh I like!!!

The plus point of reaching early is only 2 of us in the boat! Weeee! the travelling time is 20 mins.

Reached! Yeay!!! A guest relation is waiting to welcome us. The guest relation told us that the weather is not suppose to be very windy on January but it had been windy like the pokok kelapa can go senget type. They say Maldives is hot on January but I wear cardi most of the time there! So that explains the bumpy ride and lucky me for choosing boat ride instead of airplane!

We were welcome with these nice drink. I forgot what is e name is but it is thirst quenching! The towel is cold & smell of lemon to cool our face and neck for guest.

The reception area. A beauty isn't it.

Upon checking they will ask for your card for deposit purpose, no worries they will charge only if u spend anything around the area during the stay and will deduct when u check out. 
We have like 10 mins left for the lunch buffet so the guest relation told us to have our lunch before we check in. We leave our bag and luggage at the reception as the porter will bring to our Villa.

So after our lunch we were asked to hop on a buggee. So that they will bring to our room. 
Our villa is 10 mins walking distance from the reception area. 2nd Villa to the right is our room!

We Checked In!!

We can actually open the bathroom window if we want to brush our teeth with terrific scenery view!

 And yes that is our clear blue waterrrr! 

We were asked to provide our marriage certificate to get these complimentary since we don't drink wine they change it sparkling juice!

We were so tired as we can't get enuf sleep the day before bz last minute packing and woke up damn early. So we decided to just get some rest just lay on the bed open the back door without being afraid. haha! So I end my story here for a moment! 

To be continueeee...........

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  1. Congratulations on your wedding! Excellent pictures! I've been married for thirty-one years and just published a poem about my wife on my blog. As a newly wed, you might be able to relate! Good luck going forward with your new life together.