Thursday, 26 February 2015

19th Jan 2015 ~ StayCation at Studio M

Hey All,

And I am gonna start on my honeymoon topic!
Oh well the day after the wedding I am totally knock out. So tired and my eyes is red due to the prolong of wearing contact lens. So nothing much to say about the 18th Jan 15.

So on the 19th Jan 15. After our photoshoot, Mr husband informed me that he is making a call. So when he suddenly mention, "Hi, I will like to enquire if there's any room available". I was like did I hear the right thing, a surprise! Haha! He make a reservation at one of my stay cation dream hotel and was Lucky there's room available. Quite a good plan also since I am tired and I just need a bed rest. Before checking in we went to the nearest mama shop to pack some foodies.

With My baju photoshoot we both check in! Lucky there's baju extra he brought without me noticing. Look at my happy face!! 

The Reception. We check in at 6.00 PM heading to our Studio Loft which cost $230 comes with free parking. P.S Pls book directly thru their website for free parking as one entry cost $9!

Our level is level 5. Upon entering there's two toilet at the side. One is the "Poo" & "Peeing" Section. & the other place is the shower section which have all the necessary toiletries enuf for a day.

Basically these is how the entrance of the room look like. (Sources from website)

There's two queen size bed, one at 1st level and the other at 2nd level which good for family.
1st level

2nd level with a table.

The neccessity needs just under the stairs.

 The swimming pool which we just managed to just see and cant as we don't bring our swimming costume.

So basically on the 19th it is just a catchup time for us talking about wedding and plans for future ahead while cuddling, watching TV, indulge on food we bought. We are planning to go on a stay cation soon since we are unable to travel due to my husband new projects and always clash with my leave! 

I actually encourage couples who are staying with parents to have their couple times once in awhile like travelling or stay cation. It really build bonding between you and your husband. 

So far we enjoyed having our couple time and the hotel was definitely worth. Rate 4/5 for me. 
Ok got to go! See you on my next post regarding MALDIVES!!!

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