Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Wrapping up~

Hi All,

Today mark our 1st month being husband and wifey. Its quite fast and my updates about my wedding  had come to e end. Quite saddening but what to do. We have to leave talking abt wedding and concentrate to our next phase of life. So yeap just a few words to future BTB's before I close the chapter of wedding and move on to my honeymoon.

So ladies, yang baru nak kawin pls take note of these few important notes.

Sit down and discuss with your partner about hantaran, Catering, Outfits, Photography & videography, Berkats & other extra things you want to have for your wedding. Setting your OWN BUDGET is really important. DONT ever2 ikut2 orang. Jangan sampai membebankan diri sendiri tak makan tak shopping and all. Also think about your partners they lagi susah nk kene save double. Don't make it a point that you hutang after the wedding. Please don't mengharap from duit salam. There'll be a loss I tell you.

Do your research early before you booked any of your wedding vendors. Choose good and liable one. For myself I choose cheap package but came with quality and quantity. Once you booked your vendor I suggest that you trust them and at the same time followed up with them. A good vendor will chase you instead of you chasing them. Haha! Try not to be a bridezilla and keep calm during the preparations.

Include your parents in your preparations. Bring them to enquire about food coz food plays an important part and parents choose great foods. Keep them updated in each and every of your preparations. Some couple says that its their wedding and they are paying. Yes, you are paying but your parents blessing matters if not you'll see e trouble. Listens to their idea and advice if it is not a good one then let it go if it is then take it.

Discuss with your partner what kind of honeymoon that you both prefer. Budget wise. For me I rather choose a place to relax and a peaceful area after all those hectic and stressful preparations. Plan early if you are doing DIY honeymooning trip. Booked early air tickets. Prepare your itinerary early and what to bring list. After all that hectic wedding day, i tell you, you tend to forget things. Do bear in mind to do research before you fly off.

Lastly preparing a wedding is not easy and not always gerek. You must be mentally prepared that there will be all sort of test. Nak bina Masjid ni bukan senang, Setan mesti nak ganggu whenever people nak berhijrah to Halal relationships. Its natural for you to argue simple things with each other. You may argue about family, friends, orang kedua, mulut orang & etc. Be patience, orang2 yang bersabar akan dapat ganjarannya di belakang hari. When discussing about weddings do compromise with each other. Do give and take on choices and budgets. Help each other on making things easy. When you get things done with compromising you wouldn't have any stress at all. InShaaAllah.

Marriage is a wonderful sight. It make two person unite creating their own stories. It depend on each individual to make it a lovey dovey one or not. You will feel complete when you are with each other. I am new to marriage but I feel so happy that we are one now. We are those couple who only date during weekdays and only meet 2 hours before our wedding due to his work commitment. And after e wedding, although he still work shift I am happy that we beginning to enjoy going out at night. Went to Islamic class together, pray together, jalan2 with each other. Alhamdullilah maybe this is the happiness thereafter. Thank Allah for that and I know that its not easy to sail these ship but InShaaAllah with Allah guidance we will prevail.

For that with much sadness, I am wrapping up my wedding updates and move on to Honeymoon. InShaaAllah. Goodluck to all the future BTB's in your preparation. InShaaAllah things will go smoothly.


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