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Hello Ladies,

Yes I'll update my blog if my husband not around. So 1stly, Reviews on my vendors,

Hyda Looks Bridal
Makeup :- I got to say that they make me from a not beautiful lady to a beautiful lady (Based on people comments). I love the smokey eyes make up ala2 Arab. Smooth Makeup Application. My pore and pimple scar semua tak nampak. Yeay Alhamdullilah.

Outfits & Hand bouquet :- Simply fits my body takde yg terbesar ke terketat. It looks nice on me and the makeup, Sanggul lintang was nice but berat giler! I can't tahan if it takes more than 2 hours. Accesories seme bling2! Hand bouquet was made by Kak Hyda cuzz cantik and I love it.

Alhamdullilah knowing My Mak Andams is a blessings. Kak Hyda, Kak Sha & Cik was nice people and the are funny! Kak Hyda was sad when we nak separate. I am gonna miss them much. If you want to engaged them make sure give them abit more time for them to concentrate on the eye makeup in order to make them perfect!

IrMaya's Wedding Caterer

Food :- I didn't manage to capture their food but Alhamdullilah from reviews from relatives and friends the food was delicious.

Deco: - I love my deco colour so much!! It is so greenish. My package didn't actually have the ceiling wrap but Abg Irwan& Kak Maya give the package to me just for free. Previously I have mention that they have been giving me sireh dara, Wedding cake & ice cream counter for free its all subjected to their approval and if you are not a fussy customer.

Wedding Cake: 1 whole cake and 50 pieces cupcakes. They have provide me a chocolate cake. And it is so yummylicious. The fondant was not too sweet. The cake was super delicious! Taste right! And most of all it matches my theme colour!

Wedding card : Pls read here

DJ: Alhamdullilah Kak Nana, did a great job at handling the event. I am greatful for her idea.

Overall IrMaya Wedding team did a great job thumbs up to them!!

Sweetz Creation (Gubahan & Bridal Room Deco) & Henna:-
Pls Read Here

Fazzy Photobooth

Communicate with them is not a problem. Enquiring and they answer us fast. Affordable package too. The picture was nicely captured and yeah we received 2 keychains.
Syukur Alhamdullilah for knowing Faz. And yeah the background I chose flowers to match with my Greenish garden theme deco,

Photographer - Nazri Minhad

As what I was saying in my previous post. Abg Nazri did a replacement as his father past away. Working with him on the day of the photoshoot was fine we know that his abit lost but its okay for me. 
My photographer of the actual event is Rizal and he did a good job too. Remind me to smile and look at the camera when I am not focussing. 

Videographer - Wedding at 5

Din was a fun guy. Who actually know how to make jokes. And got a full idea of what to be done and what not to be done. I can't wait for the music video to be out. 

Overall I have to say that I liaise with great vendor on my wedding day. No masalah or whatsoever. Alhamdullilah. Everything was fine and I appreciate for the wonderful event. And know we are legally hubby and wifey. 

Next will be my staycation and my honeymoon. InShaaAllah pretty soon :) Good Nite!

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