Saturday, 7 February 2015

And updates on the Day

Hello there,

So here it goes I will just update abit of my Wedding event here and oh yeay I have not been exposing myself but today I will. And today will be a summary of the wedding day. Less Talking but more pictures. 

6 A.M - I woke up (Perform the necessary)
7.30 A.M - Mak Andam came to make up for me. We have a great time talking and joking with each other. Here I already felt butterfly in the tummy flying here and there.

10.00A.M - Both photographer and videographer arrived taking my picture of getting ready. Both videoman and photographer keep reminding me to smile.

11.00 A.M. All Set and ready and proceed to the venue.
 Groom Arrival. I was worried that he will get nervous and takle nafas sekali.
Alhamdullilah I was shock that he manage to lafas sekali jek. But my dad caught up a lil bit by saying "Muhammad Farid Binte Ramlan aku nikahkan kau", and everyone start laughing. Hehe. 
My Mum and my 2 orang kuat there. Yeap I was crying because from that day onward I am no longer under my father care its under my husband. :(
Alhamdullilah, we manage to do the Sunnah. And Yeay! Kite Dah Halal. Dah boleh peluk2 dah. 

His Family & My Family

We manage to do a music video shot as my package comes with it. I have supporting cuzz from both mum and dad side and frenz toooo!! Alhamdullilah.
After that we changed for 2nd outfit. 2.15PM for bertandang.
That heavy sanggul Lintang which I have to tahan. Arghhh!!!!!
My 3 org kuat ensure me not to stress when the groom come a lil late for berrtandang!! The moment when I lose my concentrate in smiling and juggling with the sanggul lintang.
My husband with his orang kuat.
The performance of kompang after the gantry. Haha. Got to say that Akrab did well in their performance. I was on a "Masam" face and I actually cheer up upon looking their performance. Thank GOD for that!! :)
 I have to said that the part suap menyuap my husband did a good job without dropping any rice on his palm. Where I drop most of it!!  
Its time for a change and proceed to the guy side. I was excited to change my outfit becoz my eyes start its nonsense already amd I cant wait for the ceremony to end. 

And yesh that the end, We missed doing this but if possible we just want to have a few baju so tk penat hahaha!

So far Alhamdullilah all went well and I appreciate all my family members who help and sponsored me certain things. My friends for being a great help. Yes, we are legally husband and wife now. This is just the beginning of a new chapter. Hoping that we both stay strong till Jannah. InShaaAllah. 

So on the 19th Jan 15. We went for outdoor photoshoot at Gardens by the Bay and Marina Barrage. It was quite a fast game coz I want to finish early and Abang Nazri need to do some errand for his father tahlil. Oh did I tell you that unfortunately Abg Nazri can't be on my wedding event coz his father passed away on my wedding day. Pity him. When he was with us on the photoshoot he look lost abit, me and farid understand and put ourself in his situation and not trying to make him difficult. Alhamdullilah we managed to finish everything less than 4 hours. So here's the unedited preview and with this Im signing off. And the next post will be about my vendor. :)

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