Monday, 2 February 2015

~The updates before the Wedding day

Hi All,

I should be choosing my wedding photos right now but in end I end up blogging coz tangan already gatal so here the updates since my husband on night shift today...

Monday 12th Jan 2015 & Tuesday 13th Jan 2015

Pre wedding sickness attacked the then Fiance and me. I had bad migraine and Then fiance was having flu on n off for that one week. I don't know why but is these stress that we going thru or what. Haha! I went back home bath and goes to sleep Knock down even I skipped my Solat! I hate it when I have bad Migraine. Eyes got blurred and head aching like madness. I got better the next day and continue finishing up packing my berkat as my berkat and candy corner came on the 10th of Jan. Bought my 1000 toblerone berkat for $950 from HERE. And the packaging my bought at Terengganu Mydin RM$39.50 fr 1000 pieces. Cheap or what? Manage to finished it early then expected.

Wednesday 14th Jan 2015

My last day of work before I am on leave from 15th Jan to 27th Jan. I manage to closed all my account and go back home on time and proceed to the Benefits Cosmetic at Sephora Tampines since it is near to my work place and a place where not much people making appointment. So set appointment at 6pm. Joanne was there and she is doing the waxing for me I only did brow waxing which cost me $24.
I think waxing the brow doesn't bear me much pain as threading. And yeah the reviews from people around regarding the waxing was good and it is good and my brow is almost symmetrical. I love it!

It is not thin and I simply love it. So I book another appointment on my husband birthday on the 3rd of Feb with Joanne. Yeay!

Thursday 15th January 2015

Booked an appointment with Citra Ayu Bridal & Spa at 1030 am for the following package.

I didnt manage to take a picture so I will just roughly describe what it is like.
1stly I was taken to the sauna room which is small for 10 mins. Then proceed to the massage room.
The massage was a relax massage which I don't find it satisfying coz I am use to deep tissue massage maybe for those who don't like deep tissue massage can consider Citra Ayu. Then the masseuse apply lulur and body mask on my body which make me shiver of coldness. Haha. After the lulur I was given a choice to change the hand therapy to ear candling and I was happy! Lastly I head to the Ratu Flower Bath. The bathtub was filled with Flowers. And I simply like the bath! The Masseuse told me it was for the aura pengantin. After all the process end at 1pm I was sleepy and wanted to go home straight when my caterer called me to head down to my wedding venue and advise certain issue, so called mum to teman me.

Once settled, mum asked me follow her for last minute groceries shopping which I'm on my cranky mode already coz I want to sleep. So mum kelam kabut finish up the shopping and go home. I managed to catch some sleep for 1 hour when I woke up and prepare for my Henna Night.

6 P.M : My Henna artist from Rubyz Henna came over. It was supposed to be Mye Henna do the Inai but then she cant make it on time so She replaced her with Ruby. Got to say Ruby was a bubbly girl and always have topic to entertain me and my 3 bridesmaid. She keep reminding me not to be clumsy. I like simple henna so yeah here is the look. (I didn't managed to capture my bridesmaid henna)

I didn't add on minyak kapak coz I hate the smell but I add on Eucalyptus oil from young living to make the stain darker. These stain taken on Friday at 1PM it grew darker on my wedding day itslf. Thanks to my bridesmaid Shinas fr patiently putting me the essential oil on both hands and feet. And my bridesmaid nisa for reminding me to seat properly and all. Hehe. I withstand until 2 Am where I cant tahan that I need to pee and I peel everything off! Haha.

8.30PM : Kak Aida from Sweetz Gubahan came by to put up my wedding bridal room deco. I was amazed by her talent. And the colour I want is all beyond my expectation. The room deco is simple but sedap mata memandang, Ramai orang puji I tell You!! She and her husband is a great person! (You may see the full picture on her facebook).

Friday 16th Jan 15

One day before the event, in the morning I woke up freshen up and get ready to iron my Baju kurung, family outfits for the day and the event and cleaned up the house. (See I am not treated as a princess by my mum she is like macam orang dulu2 pengantin still need to do abit of work). There's a few guest dropped by in e afternoon because they cant attend for the actual day itself. So I still need to entertained them and serve them water.

After Maghrib, I still don't felt the nervous yet. I am still relax with everything. I was left by mum with my colleague and friends at my home while waiting for Kak Aida to send my dulang. I got to say my bridesmaid, my 2 guyfriend and my bro really put their effort on my wedding. Syukur Alhamdullilah that I have them!!

So 10 PM : Kak Aida dropped by and send me my dulang after she sent my Then fiance dulang. I was really2 in love with it. Simple but nice. I squeak and hug her for the wonderful dulang!!! LOVE!!!

Alhamdullilah for knowing her! Syukur2!!! :) And I missed her already!! Thumbsup for her svs!! Highly recommend.

SO yeah I am sleepy now. Gonna head to bed. Will continue updating soon abt the day itself!! Good nites!!!

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