Friday, 26 December 2014

Catering, Bedroom Set, Facial Regime, Ikea & etc

Hello ladies,

Pretty long post here. Do Endure!

Catering and abit of unrelated info about me…
Alhamdullilah, I have settled 80% of my catering money already. It is a huge sum of amount (paying for non-combined wedding) but I feel so relief that one huge load is off from my shoulder. I can’t believe that I could save that much, living in an average Joe family which my parent can’t afford to fork out huge amount semua settle diri sendiri. I am rather proud of myslf! (haha puji diri sendiri) I think that you could actually feel the satisfaction when you pay for your own wedding. These is the start of feeling the pain of saving money coz when u have family hmm saving habit is very2 important. It’s not easy as one two three. So Alhamdullilah for the rezki given.

Bedroom Set

So I went for Bed & Wardrobe hunting during Christmas Eve before some shop closes. Initially fiance & me wanted to buy a lower budget for wardrobe (my wardrobe decided to die haiya money again) & Bed. We went round and round some nice one is out of stock. The salesperson was really shock that I do a last minute shopping. Haha. Alot of item was sold out I guess year end sales price drop! So I told him my certain amount of budget & thought of taking cheap mattress. But he told me do I have credit card? There's a 0% installment credit card plan. Mum told me since I have it why not just buy the expensive one sekali. So every month you pay the mattress using duit hantaran. Think and think oklah why not? Duit skg spare for emergency use. 

So yeah he showed us a few mattress. And finally a mattress which fits me and Mr fiance criteria. A mattress which have quite a benefits which is:

Dunlopillo mattresses are today produced using the Talalay process increasing the ventilation in the mattress and improving the elasticity of the latex product thereby contributing to increased comfort and additional benefits to those suffering from respiratory ailments and allergies. Even if its hot weather the mattress will still be within room temperature. (For those perspiring alot it is good too) & etc. 10 years warranty if within 1 year the mattress goes wrong they will give one to one exchange. If the pocketed goes wrong within 10 years you can ask them to repair.)

The sales ask us to try and it is so comfy!! When I move the other side where mum lying doesn't move. So the free item is he give us is crystal accessories at the head board, 2 Dunloppilo pillow & bolster, 1 mattress protector. So yeah we grabbed it!! Yeay off the list. 

Wedding Cards
So last Friday went to collect my wedding card from my caterer with my parents. I am so touched when Kak Nana the one that handle my event watsapp me on regarding my parents on my way back.

Alhamdullilah. I hope that these rapport we build is something to be remembered by both party. Haha! I am so happy and very satisfied with the way Irmaya Wedding treat us. Yesh these caterer worth my praise before the event for their good customer service!
Oh yesh my dad love the card I pick, its simple though. Silver & Gold. I Really like it! :)

Photoshoot Baju
Collected my baju at Sabrina & Wusqa shop on Monday. Bought it for $199 as per my mummy wish. 

Thought that I want to have 1 casual outfit & 1 bridal outfit for photoshoot to save $$ but my mum rejected the idea of having me wearing casual outfit, I have to fork out extra $ for it. Haiz2…. Nevermind. So the outfit looks like an indian contemporary outfit. Yes I have to fork out extra money but I really like it a lot!!! I will reveal the full outfit 3 weeks later.

Beauty Regime (Face, lulur, body wash & feminine wash)

So I have started with my beauty regime. I don't really fancy scrubing my face but since my mum keep nagging me to buy scrub I decided to buy my fav bodyshop cleanser. I am a fan of bath & body works & also Bodyshop shower bath & body scrub. These time round I bought Cranberry smell for both at body shop.  
As for the lulur, my mum force me to buy one so that my skin will became softer and smoother with no "Daki2" stuck on it. I got to agree that Lulur is much2 better then body scrub. Lulur really remove all that impurities from your body and I really like my body texture after lulur. Haha Shiok! Usually I will use it 3 times a week. 

Another important thing that I got to say is feminine wash. My friends keep emphasizing me how important to use suitable feminine wash for ourself. Some can make "that" part drier. Some can make it darker. If not suitable it can make "that" part smelly. (Pardon me for the RA21 talk). It is really important for after marriage life especially after sex. I have been using alot of brands at Watsons from Eve's to Lacyt everything is not suitable for me its either dry or itchy. I decided to hunt for Traditional feminine wash. Went to Albakarah Jamu shop at Geylang. There's a lot of choices for Sirih Feminine wash. I decided to go for Resik V Feminine wash. 

It cost $5. I like the feeling after washing, very "berangin". Not dry & itchy. You know when there's discharge coming out, sometime it can be unpleasant smell. After using these "Alami" feminine wash, the smell is gone!! I like it. I think BTB's should actually try it out. 

So yeah thats it for now. I have lots of thing to say but I will talk about it for my trip to Ikea & Bridal Spa treatment. Till Next Good Nite! (Pray for the flood victims in Malaysia)

Tips for BTB’s: Pls kindly start your savings early. Plan your wedding ikut kemampuan. Besar or kecik majlis nya it’s up to individual. Different people may have different views tak payah nak cakap2 orang sana sini. Just keep it simple, for me spend less on majlis but spend more on honeymoon. Survey each and every vendor before you make a booking. Compare price and service. Have vendor who can talk easily, don’t be too fussy and trust them. They are professionals. Pls don’t boast around keep humble. Do include your parents in your plannings. Some of their views is pretty important.


  1. Thanks for the tip on saving and having majlis ikut kemampuan. review the lulur please!

    1. Hi Dear, the lulur was good. Skin abit softer and all the "daki" easier to remove. I love the chocolate smell so shiok. There's other different you can choose too.

  2. Hi Dear,where to get the lulur pengantin? Mind if u can share.. thank u :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi dear, you can get it at geylang, al barakah. :)