Sunday, 4 January 2015

Ikea tripping, Bridal Spa & Gubahan appointment

 Hi Ladies,


So The clock is ticking damn fast. And I hope that it slow down a lil bit. I am done with buying items I think.
On Christmas day me & mummy head down to Ikea just to see what last minute item we can buy.

Since its year end season, Ikea do have prices slash quite reasonable for some item though. We walk around, looking for any item that I can decorate my room. So jalan2 nye jalan, I end up splurging my money on something. Ikea mmg tmpt "Puaka" mesti adanya nak beli. So what I have bought at Ikea;

1st) Table Lamp. Since my bedroom set comes with side table, I decided to have this. Just to give some light & deco to my room.

2nd) Candles. I bought some scent candle. I bought Vanilla & also Strawberry smell this time round. There's alot of scent to choose from. Oh there's a popular brand and abit expensivebrand which is Yankee Candle you may try that out too. Usually I place the candle at my toilet & when I bath I will burn it up. Pretending Im in the spa. My mum & my friend encourage me to buy extra's to put at the room so there's abit of "mood" for newly wed actually tak newly wed pun boleh, coz these idea came from the Kakak2 yang sudah kahwin. So okay lah I give it a try who knows it works.

3rd) We bought some curtains, for the house. Just to make it bright & ceria bunga we chose white. So that even my bilik pengantin have a touch of white. Atleast it doesn't really go out of the colour theme for the house.

4th) I totally forgotten to buy cushion for pengantin lelaki & Tok Kadi to sit, lucky me mum reminded me. After a long walk we finally found something which is comfortable to sit and fit the pengantin butt. Haha. Its actually a chair cushion but who cares once it wrap up we wouldnt know it is from Ikea. Hehe. My aunt ill be decorating the cushion. I'll update once my aunt is done with decorating.

I am actually pretty excited about the katil & cupboard to arrive these coming Tuesday coz I wanted to start decorating my bilik. Skg my bilik like macam rumah sewa all my baju is in the luggage sana plastic bag sini plastic bag arrgghh! Confirm plus chop I penat one, tulah siapa suruh kahwin kan dah penat. Nvd penat2 dulu senang2 kemudian.

GUBAHAN APPOINTMENT - with Kak Aida Gubahan Sweetz Creation

So the 1st day of New year 2015 (I still cant believe it is 2015), I went to Kak Aida house with my mum to send all our barang hantaran to her, as my fiance is the kinda that macam heck care even for payment wise he just give me the money and wanted me to manage the payments like seriously fiance? (Lum kawin dah jadi secretary) Anyway she live at Tampines and it is accessible to me. Kak Aida is a cheerful person, My mum & me feel very comfortable. Actuaally I dun have anything in mine for dulang colour shades. I have something in mind for the bridal room which is apple green.

Since my bridal room is partial room package, my room will be like the picture below. So the pink colour will change to Apple green & the white will remain. I wanted to have a lil pastel pink touch for the small pillow cover and the board at the window. Kak Aida will try but if it doesn't match she will remain as white. She will be coming down this coming wednesday to see the layout of my room.

As for dulang from him to her the pattern will be similar like the pictures but  Kak Aida will change some of the details such as the theme will be green instead and the flower gonna be different. I don't really have the idea what I want so I ask her for suggestions and she really give me "BAM2 POW!" ideas which straight away I fall in love with it. She already shown the rough idea and it is really sweet. You ladies may call me green freak coz GREEN is my fav colour and I want everything GREEN from dias, bridal room deco & dulang will be green. 
And as for me to him, my fiance already emphasise that he wanted blue. At 1st I want songket blue kain dulang, but when she showed me A mirror dulang with a little touch of blue, I find it unique and it suit for guys without much hesitation I choose it.

After all about the discussion Kak Aida & mum talk like they known each other for years. We felt comfortable talking to her. Before I went back home, she advise me to be a little fussy, not lot but a little. Errmmm.. I am not a fussy bride & neither I am a bridezilla. I want to be an easy customer so that both party can communicate and work well. So Alhamdullilah so far so good for all my vendors.

Just waiting for my videography & photography to advise me if my itenaray is okay and if they need further clarifications. 


So Spa for Brides. I have Google a few spa which actually quite famous. So I narrow down with 5 of this which is,

Out of these 5 spa I have already tried 3 spa's. I have yet to try Spa Le Kraton & Citra Ayu. I am actually spoilt with choices but in the end I think I will choose Citra Ayu Bridal since The price wise is reasonable and it is just 10 mins away from my home. I can actually walk and I can make appointment 2 days b4 my wedding without worrying as I need not travel far as Thurday night I will be having henna night too. I just don't want to waste my time travelling time. But I have a problem coz on that week my menses will come. It will be quite troublesome if its day 1 to day 3 of menses. If its day 5 to day 6 it is okay coz its not heavy flow. So now I cant booked my spa package 1st because of my menses problem. Oh dear! 
Its okaylah, let just see how it will goes like.

Actually I'm supposed to draft out a wedding speech but end up blogging instead. Its quite tiring to think of wedding errand that I find neverend! Haiya. Oklah btw I am just helping a friend out if you ladies need a reasonable price for wedding cards you can actually look at these fb : G cards & Design

So my next post will be Sunah when nikah, my itenarary, my photographer, my videographer, my room and more. InShaaAllah so yeah got to go ladies. Till next!! :)

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