Sunday, 7 December 2014

42 Days Left

42 days left.............

Everything almost done for our preparation. 

Next week I gonna PM my Mak Andam and make my one last final payment early since we had money. Gonna email my travel agency for my honeymoon if we can make payment earlier. 

I want to clear these 2 payments these week and next 2 weeks Im gonna make a huge payment for my wedding caterer. Oh Man! It gonna cut a big hole to my DBS account!! Heart pain!!! But whatever it is Alhamdullilah that I manage to save that much money. 

So here is some update:


So yesterday, we head down to ROMM for our interview with the Tok Kadi along with my Wali which is my father. Upon reaching since we have apply online we take the queue no. When its our turn, me and my fiance went to the counter with my father IC for verification of certain details and what to be done. After the verification, we have to wait for our turn to be called up by the Tok Kadi. My father went in 1st, follow by fiance and me. When the Kadi mention about something suddenly I felt like I wana cry. Soon my father is gonna handover his responsibility to my future husband. Not that I'm not happy with the marriage but how good is your husband is, it will never be the same as what your father did from what I heard from my frenz. Just hoping that my fiance will just be there thru our ups and down in future.

Wedding Shoes

So I Google about wedding shoes seller in Singapore. So after the research, I narrow down to 3 brands. 

A wedding shoes brand which sell nice and stunning wedding shoes. I find they are such a beauty but the most of the shoes cost a bomb more than $100. I don't really want to splurge my money on my wedding shoes since I wont be using it unless for wedding invitations so I give it a past. Below are pictures that I have taken from them. If you have bigger budget, you may consider them.

2nd) Pazzion

Pazzion a brand that becoming much2 more popular these days. They carry different sort of shoes from casual to bridal shoes. Their meets my budget BUT I dun find their covered shoes are comfortable to me and the height of the shoes is quite uncomfortable for me to wear it coz I have a very sensitive feet. Always get the pain at the back of the heel if I did not choose my shoes wisely. Sadly I have to give them a past too... Haiz...

3rd) Anna Nucci

My last hope, head down to Vivo with mummy after ROMM appointment. Their shop carried different style of wedding shoes which I love it. With different kind of heights. Different range from close heels, sling back heels and etc. I tried different shoes and I love it. I chose a decent inch for my heels and sling at the back. They have 30% off currently. My heels cost less then $100. I was so happy with it! So comfortable. Hehe. I chose white so that it can match with all my dresses. Well I love it much so you ladies may try to take a look at these 3 shops!

BERKATS & HDB Updates!

Finally I have made a deposits for my berkat last thurs at Teck Leong Kee. Mum decided to go ahead with toblerone 50g. She insisted on giving chocolates to the guest. She just want to give something that people can eat and not all those perhiasan2. Macam2 lah ibu saya so Alhamdullilah, just waiting for 10th Jan 1 week b4 the wedding fr packing. Ouh on the way to the wholesaler, I pass by my future homey. Was happy to see the progress halfway thru already. *faint* Cannot enjoy much oreidi. After end of next year I have to save and save for renovations.

*Sidetrack* Its coming to the end of 2014. Sometimes I think that makin canggih dunia makin cepat maseh berlalu. Makin banyak tanda2 kiamat but still I am not fully equipt with Islamic knowledge. Fiance & me decided to encourage each other to keep going for religious class to prepare ourself for the end of the world. Besides to have a happy marriage, we must get closer to Allah. InShaaAllah may Allah bless guide us thru our path. 

Tomorrow or Monday I'll blog about surveying katil. I hope I can find one at Singapore Expo or else I will just stick to The Green Furnishing. SO yeah goodnite ladies. Till next! :)

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