Sunday, 23 November 2014

Hello Beautiful BTB's!!

Hello everybody,

I have been MIA for 2 months I guess due to certain issues from my fiance side. It is so true that when the date draw nearer, problems came one by one. Brain totally switch off. But then with problem, it makes us stronger then ever before.

Now, I standing up on my feet and starting to run again. Hehe. InShaaAllah. So yeah there's a minor changes in my wedding itinerary. Our solemnization will still be on Saturday, 11am. So from 11am to 530pm, mister fiance will be at my side and 530pm onwards after cake cutting will be going off to fiance side. Mister fiance will held like a "dinner reception" from 4 to 8pm for his close friends and family. So we are pretty cool with this.

Bridal Outfit, Henne & Hand Bouquet
So yeah, we have finally finalised our wedding outfit on the 28th Oct. I had a great time. Kak Hyda and family was very helpful and friendly. I am thankful. Although her collection does not have much variety like other well known established bridal, I am still very satisfied with her baju's because seme lawa2! Blink2 semenye! Saya suka amat! Henna design I'll be choosing it at a nearer date. For hand bouquet Kak Hyda ask me what colour do I want, but I told her anything as long as it is nice. Personally I trust them and I feel very satisfied. Hopefully they will do a great job on the day itself.

Catering, Wedding Dias, Card, Wedding Cake, Bunga Rampai, DJ's and Sireh Darah
Well as some of you know, all of the above had been included in my wedding package. So we meet my wedding planner which is Kak Nana (Kak Maya assistant) last friday at her home as their office is shifting to a new place. So we already choose our cards and my card colour is red and gold in colour. As for my wedding Dais, I have a hard time choosing. I'm not going for pastel colors. So I choose white, dark and light green for the Dais since it is my favorite colours. My wedding cake colour gonna be white and green too. I'm so in love with the green'ssss around me. Haha. Choosen Nasi Briyani for our menu and all the relevant gravy that matches it. For DJ's wise, I'll be meeting the caterer again to finalize the Bertandang and Cake Cutting songs. Once again Irmaya's wedding did a great job, Kak Nana is Patience and really give advises on the planning. We even suggest them extra tables and they didn't charge us anything for photobooth and candy corner. Im so grateful with her. Alhamdullilah once again mum is satisfied with them.

Berkats and Candy Corner

For berkats, we have already chosen ours which is toblerone chocolates. For our candy corners and snacks we gonna top up alil bit. So we gonna order it at this bedok wholesaler shop. You can actually contact them thru email at this website. Quite cheap since they are wholesaler. Do take a look alright.

We are going down to ROMM interview earlier of Dec. So hopefully everything will go smoothly for now. I told my friends how I wish everything end soon. So tiring and exhausted. Then she told me, its okay that you feel the tiring now coz these is one time event. Enjoy the journey. I tell them InShaaAllah.. The only thing I'm excited is that after wedding I can start travelling again. Yippees....!

Ok gurls, GTG now. See ya in the next post. :)

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