Monday, 29 September 2014

Just another post.

Hi Ladies,

Quick updates about me life. Currently I am taking makeup course just for the sake of my passion.

The academy that I join is call Colour Face Universite. Currently it is situated at AMK central but soon it is gonna move to lavendar to a bigger space.

These place is actually owned by someone who used to be mediacorp top heads if Im not mistaken. The cost fees is zero $$. Yes, u see it right.  You know why? It is because the course was fully subsidise from govt. Actual cost price is $5K! So here's the catch simce
nce the cost fee is subsidise,your attendance need to be 75% or else you need to pay back $5K to e company. Well you only need to pay $225 for the hairstyling and makeup kit.

ouh yeah, evry once a mth ur company will need you to come for a charity event helping them out. With these you will be receiving $100per mths considering you are working for the company. At the end of this course you end up earning $300. If u fail u r unable to proceed to the nxt level and you wont get the certificate. Rest assure no paying bck if u fail.

So maybe you can try out amd give them a call.

Secondly, I have been googgling about my post wedding photoshoot ideas. And so Im obsess of chalkboard & letter signage. Im aiming both at TYPO or at One of the Bedok Mall souveniors shop. Will get one nearer to the date. Meanwhile below are some of the pictures that caught my attention. Goodnytez!!

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