Monday, 1 September 2014



Review on Apkim course yesterday.

Me and Fiance decided to take up a one day course since my fiance working on shift so it kinda hard to find a suitable date. We also do not want to drain our self with two days course because our attention span is short!

I will talk to you about the advantages and the disadvantages of this course. Firstly the course timing is abt 930am to 6pm. We take up a slot on Saturday.

The 1st part of the session is 1 to 1 session with Ustazah. We got quite a good Ustazah and her name is Ustazah Salbiah. 1st of all when we step in we feel comfortable. She know how to make jokes and she is easily approachable. She really explain well about the topic. Most of all she did not looked down on my fiance who is pretty weak on his Ngaji and Islamic knowledge. Oh side track Fiance terkejut when I recite the Alquran he was amaze wahaha!

Ok back on track! I am pretty glad that fiance realize he is weak late last year and he started attending the Islamic classes that I am attending know. Overall I got to give Ustazah Salbiah credit for the good explanation and very approachable.

Second part of the session was a small group session. There is 5 couple in the class. Cik Ranee was the counselor. I tell you he was amazingly funny! And I think that our class couple was all those happy go lucky type of couple. He discuss about character, how to handle each other attitude, why woman tends to speak more then guys, basic Islamic knowledge, sex and more. He was a joker!

He know how to catch audience attention. Ouh me and fiance feeling so awkward when we are the only couple that known each other for 2 years plus when 2 other couples known each other for 5 years and the other 2 couple for 10 years. So it make us kinda paisey lah. Macam tak sabar nak kawin gitu. :P

So overall I find the course was really2 knowleagable and very entertaining! Lucky us! Not much negative remarks that I can give. Location wise it is at Arab street infront of the Golden landmark shopping, near makan2 place and near to the masjid Sultan which we can solat our Zuhur and Asar easily.

Only the disadvantages is these course cost abit more expensive then the 2 days course ($300) and during one day it is quite difficult to squeeze alot of info to us.

1 day or 2 days course is not a matter, all you need to do is to sit down and listens and take note some of the points. Take ustazah/ustaz example for us to learn what is right and what is wrong that we can implement in future. Now marriage course is not compulsory but I find its advisable to go and listens. Seriously it give you more advantages rather then disadvantages. I hope that I can take the guidelines as an example in future. InShaaAllah! :)

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