Saturday, 30 August 2014



NATAS Fair was fun and memeningkan kepala! Sesunggunye saya pening nak pilih mana.

  1. Planning For Europe, but was advice by e travel agency that January 2015 was not a good idea to go there.
  2. Planning for a self drive, mum is against the idea. The best part fiance listens although he love the idea. I was thinking, after marriage shouldn't be my fiance to decide. But I should thank him for taking to elderly advice and didn't take it tooo hard.
  3. Looking for long holidays but was taken aback since I am saving my leave for next year Europe tripping too..
  4. Take a look on beach package which is Bali, Phuket, Koh Samui, Maldives and Mauritius. I am a sea person. Loves to do sea sports. So it kinda make me change my decision lil bit which make my fiance confused!  
Yes at 1st I find that honeymoon at beach places is to mainstream but I really regret saying that after all those leave thingy. We will not be living for our honeymoon till Wednesday. *Faint* So what is our decision? I shall keep it 1st till my wedding is getting nearer coz we never know what will happen in future. It kinda make me nervous though. But overall we have booked our honeymoon and we are happy for it! Yeay!

So I am gonna get to sleep now, need to get up early for my Kursus. Goodnitez peepz! :) 

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