Friday, 11 April 2014

Which?Sandwich & Butterscotch

Hi All,

I'm gonna sidetrack abit. Since I love to eat why not I share you ladies about foodies I've tried.
I will like to share 2 places which I have tried. I have tried a few but will just blog these 2 places aitez.

First is which?Sandwich. They are some sort of a halal version for Subway. These is part of the menu & price that I source out from their facebook page.

I ordered 6" turkey salami with $1 add on Nacho's. Below is the picture.

The fillings was full, there's mayonese, custard, mushrooms, tomatoes and a handful of Nachos.

For me the taste was ok not that special maybe because I have tried Subway (Malaysia) which is better and nicer.
Okay now my verdict is 3/5 since it does not 'Wow' me much.
If you ladies want to visit them you may come down at
-Downtown East Asli (You can get discount if you are NTUC/Nebo members)
-18 Baghdad Street(Arab St), Singapore, Singapore 199657 (Tel :8366 9241)

*disclamer source came from their FB itself coz I have deleted their photo in my phone

Second is Butterscotch. We heard alot of good reviews regarding their desserts and foodies. Mister and me decided to check it out.

When we reached the cafe at 630pm the place was full. So we have to wait for atleast 30 mins to get a table as their cafe was a bit to small to cater large crowd. Nevertheless the deco was nice.

I did not know how to get there by foot but it is situated near Bukit Merah interchange. Mister and me order the following menu;

We both order Chicken Chop, Brioche Toast & definitely Churros. I am just gonna focus on Brioche Toast  churros. This toasted brioche is served with turkey bacon and caramel bananas topped with maple syrup. 1st feed onto my mouth, I was like 'ehk2 sedap nye' and Mister also did say it is delicious. 

Second is the Churros and chocolate dip. I tell you thier Churros is one of the tasty Churros. It taste so sedap that I ate almost all of the churros. Fuh tak rugi lah sey.

And the rating I would give them is 5/5!!!! They have that 'Wow' taste which satisfy me. Yum2! I will definitely come again!
Their address are;
Blk 164 Bukit Merah Central #01-3625, Singapore, Singapore 150164
Tel: 6271 1164
FB : ButterScotch

So thats all for today. Bye bye!

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