Wednesday, 9 April 2014

9th April 2014

Hi Ladies,

How are you? Been wanting to update but I keep saving the entry as draft.

Okay, these post maybe lengthy so pls do endure.

So for my honeymoon, Mister and I decided to do our DYI trip to New Zealand. One of my friend is going there too this October. So I told her to explore and tell me her itenerary when she come back. So far the planning was great so hopefully everything was okay.

Okay next for the hantaran issue mister is giving me $**** and I decided to just issue a cheque. We decided to heck care with mulut orang! As the days goes by I feel so guilty for the hantaran he is giving me. Although he is the one who is willingly to give me that amount, I still feel guilty coz he work hard for it.

Fortunately he is the lucky one, coz his family is sponsoring for his catering & berkat while I need to save more for my catering since I'll be paying for it. And I need to thank him too as he is helping me paying my share for the other bookings. So I decided to actually not used up the hantaran for my own consumption. Initially I will like to give him half of the share but he told me to keep it. So I told him that we just use partial of the duit hantaran for the honeymoon expenses & probably give the money back for duit katil that he will b buying. He then agree! Can't wait hope we can save much2 more money! InShaaAllah.

For weight issues, I have stop dieting for the past 2 months and my weight goes stagnant. Last two weeks I decided to control my food intake. I'm a rice person, the problem that I cant lose weight is because of rice. As a person who likes food, its quite hard to control. But I set my mind to actually control my appetite.

I have been eating what I want but in less portion. When ever I eat more I feel guilty so at night or the next day I will eat lesser portion. I have not tried any diet pill yet just supplement for my health. I make sure i drink plenty of plain water, avoid eating snacks and drinking coke. I did see the result. I lose 1.5kg and some friends have notice the change.

Oh my irritating mister bought for me a famous slimming pdt trending at malaysia. I told him to buy collagen for face instead he bought me this pdt.

Now I have to finish this two pdt later after I complete my supplement. Hish geram nyeeeee!! Nie macam bahasa kan tunang dia niiiieeeee... Okay I shall try most probably next week then get bck on my progress on these pdt 2 weeks after.

Last but not least its already April so fastttttt... I dunnoe what to say already... Soon I'll be going to Bandung and my Kursus Kahwin. Then will be puasa and Raya. Oh dear... Alhamdullilah most part of wedding prep is settle. 9 more months to go... :) Bye!

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