Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Hi all,

I have chosen my bridesmaid!

There's a few in my list and in the end I pick only two. Which is my lil cousin sister & my secondary school besty.

And me being a semangat have google ciri-ciri bridesmaids that we should consider;
The bridesmaid plays an important role at the wedding ‐‐ the perfect bridesmaid should be supportive without being intrusive, helpful on the day, and always available for a wedding shopping spree and she must be someone who understand you most. 

And it perfectly fits these 2 chosen one. I personally feel that I don't need alot of bridesmaid since there's Mak Andam that will be taking care of my wedding outfit, make ups and etc. The bridesmaid will be helping me with the adhoc wedding stuff. Both of my bridesmaid is the 'semangat' one whom can assist in helping me with all the wedding arrangement and can take care of my belongings. I have seen some bridesmaid instead of helping out they just sibuk2 and don't do any help. They macam 'tangkap jambu' (Apologies if I offended anybody).

Okay lah gtg! bye! :)

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