Thursday, 13 March 2014

Duit hantaran

Hi Dearies,

I have these issues about duit hantaran. Some people may have issue a cheque or some may have used cold hard cash.

For me I rather used cheque. 1stly I'm afraid that if i used cold hard cash the money will get lost! But here's the catch, biler bagi cheque pulak nanti banyak org mengata yang this is a blank cheque dalam bank cfrm tkde duit and etc2.

For myself I'm perfectly fine with it, we cant simply stop people from talking. But my mum she is to afraid that people might talk. I told her firmly, its my wedding and if people wana 'bark' let them 'bark'. I don't really give a damn. Its up to each individual to decide by giving cash or cheque!

Some couple may have used that hantaran for their honeymoon or bayar duit catering for their combined wedding or etc2. It is totally up to their choice. Its their wedding and not yours people. Btw hantaran is not a part of islamic laws in marriage, this is just a tradition from malay culture.

And yeah orang bagi sikit mengata, Orang tak bagi terus cakap orang tu takde duit and orang bagi lebih cakap macam nak jual anak. Susah betul lah nak zipped mulut orang nie.

If the guys ada kemampuan itu hak diorang nak bagi. Kalau the guys takde kemampuan then DONT give the heavy load to him. He may be working extra hours or part times for huge sum of money.

So apa2 pun biarlah there isnt a need to comment about hantaran. Itu hak masing masing. These topic can cause an out roar argument. Never ending story.

But InShaaAllah when I have a baby girl in future, I wont impose hantaran when there's a marriage proposal. Suka hati diorang lah nak bagi ke tidak. As I learnt about Islam, it really make me open my eyes regarding this issue.

Me being as guilty, I told fiance that I wont be spending this. I will keep this sum for our future house. Dia dah keluarkan duit banyak and I dont want him to struggle. I will keep half of the money for our future reno.

I just hope that the malay community will actually just keep such remarks to urself and stop talking bad on the wedding day of the newly wed. Do doa for the best for this couple and do not condemn them. :)

Till next post! Nites.. :)


  1. Hello! First time here on your blog. heee.. anyways, my fiance is using cheque as we are both afraid that humans may steal our cash money. and be it laa if they are gonna talk, mulut orang forever talk. it's a big sum we are talking about lor. sedang kan $50 orang amek what about duit hantaran seh!

    1. Hey Hey! Thanks for dropping by dear! I have the same sentiments with you! Even small sum of money people kebas what ini lagi yang huge sum. Our fiance have been working hard to earn that money and if it get lost, nangis sey.

    2. Hey there! Came across ur blog. Actually, u can also use cashier's order. it works like a cheque but u need to have that amount before the bank issues it to u. Hope it helps!

    3. Hi Dear! Thanks for the update! I Will check it out! :)

  2. how do i make a cheque for hantaran?