Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Honeymoon destinations

Helo to my beautiful ladies.

Basically I went to Natas fair late Feb coz I wanted to survey the prices and see any nicest places and affordable places for our honeymoon so we can set our budget and book the trip at the next Natas fair.

We have few places in mind actually. The 1st few destinations that me and mister fiance planned was Greece or Maldives.

Why Greece?
Greece was superly nice! Athen, Mykanos & Santorini. Their water was beautiful. Alot of attractions and history there for learning. See the picture, so beautiful!

Prices range at Natas quite affordable athough we need to topup some amount. But the problem why we tend not to go as our wedding date will be held during Winter.
Although i have the extra 'babats' all ard me, I simply cnt stand cold weather. Some of the feedback I get from some of my frenz, they said that its kinda of waste of money for those who cant stand cold weather coz if too cold you wont enjoy walking ard the street. Which is true!
I dont want my honeymoon to end up in the hotel. And another factor is our leave, we are saving our leaves coz I have two travelling plans with friends and family. So me and fiance skip the idea of going Greece.

Second Maldives,
Maldives are popular destinations for honeymooners. The seas was crystal clear, white sands and u can see clearly what is beneath the sea when u  are snorkeling. And for leave plan, I need not worry coz it take few days only.

 The price for normal resorts was pretty decent. But! Me and mister is not those suka duduk diam in the hotel. Sightseeing is limited. Not much historical place that I can explore besides snorkeling and water sport which kinda expensive. So we will extend this trip to future plan just in case me and mister wanted to plan a baby. This place was suitable for that. hehe.

So we ended up choosing New Zealand if we have the budget, if not Krabi lah haha.
Okay why New Zealand?

Firstly it is summer. They have alot of sightseeing places there. I can actually take for a short 6 days 5 night trips which I can save up my leave. They still maintain their nature. Like mountains, sea, greenery which I like. It is quite a safe country.  The following are the few places we intended to go;

Waitomo Caves

Rotorua (They have sightseeing and fun activity too)

If I have the chance I will like to try this too! Adventure Jet! Shiok and thrilling. :)

And this is the main reason why I want to go New Zealand. Lord of the rings/The hobbitan tour set!! Haha. I told u I'm too obsessed with the movie. *Slapforehead!*

Actually we have some other places to visit. So currently I hope that mister managed to save enuf money for this trip. If we are aren't able to save much money than Im okay for Australia and Krabi. Hehe. 

Okaylah thats all ladies. Till next! :)

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