Thursday, 6 March 2014

Beauty Product.

Hi ladies,

I have been reading good in reviews regarding Benefit cosmetics. Tried to get my brows done there but in the end there's alot of slots have been taken up! Boooo!!!

So I decided to get my brows done at my work place. It is painless and the beautician did it very softly.
And the out come i love it. Not to thin and not to thick. Atleast there's arc.

I hate going thru process for threading. Pls mind my face ok very the masai!

Ouh and I bought their famous product since people have been talking abt them, the PORE fessional.

 I might say this primer/face balm is expensive. Pricing is $49, bought at Sephora. So far the coverage was not bad lah. Simply love it. 

Not oily for my skin. I dont have the before and after look but will try to take pictures of my skin soon.

I have been using this cleanser & toner lately, very the 'alam'. Its cheap and not expensive. Affordable pricing. My skin actually turn out to be softer. So ladies you may try their different range.

So I have started my mask routine its either I use mustika ratu mask or Watson brand mask. So far it was great and love the relaxation feeling. In Shaa Allah will recommend a few beauty product if I found it good. 

Oklah gtg! Byez.. Oh btw will update abt the NATAS fair soon. :)

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