Thursday, 27 February 2014

Post Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Hi all,

I was google-ing when I say this head gear. So preety. I was so excited when I saw the head gear.
I always wanted a photoshoot and wear macam ala2 Lord of the rings Elf queen or Troy.
I'm so obsessed with the film of Troy, The Hobbits & Lord of the rings till photoshoot pun terbawak2 lah. Mister sampai speechless when I told him that I nak jugak wear the head gear macam.
Its also some sort like bohemian bride gitu lor.

                                                Elf Queen, Lord of the Rign & The Hobbit

Btw how can im not obssesed with the head gear. See so beautiful kan! So now I need to check a beautiful dress for me to pakai!

Ouh and Im so gonna have these kinda out wedding shoot with nature background for my 2nd own outfit. Since my photographer knows this kinda place. Hehe.

Ouh I found these photo of the couple. Im so loving the shot and I wanted my photographer to make the exact shots if possible. So sweet lah. Romantic. Mcm nak g shoot skg jugak. hahaha!

Sweet kan! Cant wait to have these kinda of shoot. Oklah got to go! Cant wait for NATAS fair tomorrow!
Good Nite!

PS: Wedding Band for Mister bought! Yippeeeee! Another thing strike off our list. :)

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