Sunday, 2 February 2014

Wedding band bought!

Its Feb already. Time is passing by fast lah sey. Bear with me these 

I realize that I have not been updating on my checklist so I will post one page for checklist.

But before hand, I have to say that I have already somehow pay a deposit for my wedding band!
Okay how. Here it goes, was window shopping with mum and we stop at Lee Hwa Jewellery display window coz one of the pendant caught my attention. Awhile later one of their sales promoter approached us. 

I was interested and wanted to know the price and model no so that I can bring mister next time and show him. She asked me too if I wanted to take a look at rings and asked me about my fiance budget. I like her way, she tried to find rings within my fiance budget. Thumbs up on her service. I tried on abt 3 rings but one caught my attention.

My ring original price is $1368 & Pendant is $968 and after 50% discount its like below his budget. Currently they are having their promotions for certain item is up to 60% off till 14th Feb 14. The sales is in conjunction with Valentine's Day.

I thot of just taking the item no down again but the Sales assistant can see that I'm totally in love with the wedding band. She told me that I can place a deposit of $20 and bring down my fiance later to collect and make balance payment since they needed to bring down my ring size from the warehouse. And without calling him I just place the deposit. Haha! Nonsense!

After the process and went out from the store, I called him and lucky mister said he is perfectly fine with it. So the mentel kan on my previous I wanted a gold ring but in the end white gold capture my heart. So BTB's who is marrying on the 1st quater of 2015 or third quarter of 2014 faster grab the awesome promo's  in evry jewelry stores!

Okay so my wedding bands Settle the kettle already thot of buying his wedding band soon too. And yeah I cant wait for Natas fair this end of the mth. Hehe. Toodles!! :)

P.s HAPPY 29th Birthday to my Mister, aka Fiance aka Husband to be. :)


  1. I've been reading your blog secretly! Okay, now I feel like going to get my wedding band!

    1. Hi sun! Hehe. Tempting right! Most of the jewelry stores is having great offer. Pls do check it out. Hehe.