Thursday, 23 January 2014

Journey Of Losing Weight

My journey to lose weight....

Okay end of last year I know that I started to eat alot more than usual, coz why I know that these year I cnt enjoy foodies much as I need to lose a couple of weight. As a result I gain 3 kg! Haha! And I let i be coz I have already set my mindset to start my routine in the year of 2015.

On my 1st thought I am thinking of eating dietary pills. But after much consideration I prefer losing weight naturally. 

So for the 1st week, I only exercise 20 mins for 3 days. For the 2nd week I gradually increase my exercise minutes to 30mins and increase my no of days to 5 days. I like to do dance aerobic then going to the gym. You can actually go to you tube for more exercise videos. For example below.

 For food wise I dun really take care of it.. I cant resist food lah. My prangai PBG! BUT I do take lesser intake of rice at night, without rice I can die! 

Besides that I start continue eating this supplement from herbal pharm. I have flat feet which can cause pain when I walk tooo long. I do have very bad sinuses that can cause me breathless at times. So this supplement do helps on me. It make my body felt so much lighter. It does flushes out your toxics away. It help controls Cholestrol and some other health complications.

By the way they do sell slimming pdt if you all wana try. You may click Here.

And the other product I'm buying is this body shaper. From this seller at instagram. 
I have not yet received this product but when I received I will tell you the material like. The seller told me that it will burnt down the fats on the tummy & reshape your body. She told me for best result wear it when u r sleeping. So for BTB's who wanted to have their corsets for their bridal outfits you may try buy this pdt too and it is cheap!
I will give you the reviews when I have used it for two weeks alright. :)

And oh yeah I have to tell this achievement, I lose 1.5kg after these routine. When I Google search a healthier maximum weight we should lose is 1kg. So I hope by end of these year I managed to lose my weight to 68kg although its still alittle overweight.  :)

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