Friday, 7 February 2014

Wallets, Belt and Key Chain Set Bought for HIM

Hi ladies,

Well another item had been bought. We actually went to Johor Premium Outlet on his birthday. 
My intention is to buy his stuff. We went to Guy Laroche boutique coz that his favorite brand. And yeah we get a wallet, belt and key chain with great offer. 
We can actually buy his wallet early becoz guys stuff their season wont really change like ladies handbag. Hehe.

On the a happier note on the mth of Jun 14. Its gonna be my last travelling day for the year. We are heading for Bandung!!! Yeay. I can buy kain there for the makcik2 and my dulang tooo.. In Shaa Allah. Im pretty much excited. :) 

Oklah gtg. Nytey Nitez! :)

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