Sunday, 23 February 2014

Happy One year Engagement to us~

Happy 1 Year Engagement to Mr Fiance and Me! Haha.

I have been wanting to post about our engagement but I'm just plain lazy to story. Since today its been our one year of engagement I will type a simple one.

Our engagement supposed to be a simple one. Thought of having just his parent and my parent datang merisik and tukar cincin sekali.

Since both of us are the 1st child of the family, both parents want to jemput their siblings and cuzz. My mum even thought of inviting our nenek sedara and her sepupu and all coz we are closed but i firmly insist that I want only my aunties, uncles, cuzz and closed friends to be around thats all! With a heavy heart they accepted the deal.

Our engagement was planned 2 month before that. It was actually a rush event. Fiance and I discuss and we planned to go ahead with the engagement since we gotta a queue for house.

Fiance was thinking to ikat 1 year but I told him to extend to 2 years since we only on a relationship for one year. I need more time to know him. So we agreed. Alhamdullilah. Everything went smoothly on the day itslf although there's hiccup somewhere before the event.

We agreed with 6 dulangs with no sponsor for extra dulang as a result food for my engagement turned out to have more coz my cuzz, aunties and uncle sponsored. We tend not to splurge on extra budget on dulang not lokek or what but it is just simply engagement affair. Not to sure if Jodoh panjang ke tidak. Kalau dah putus semua barang2 yang di bagi kene bagi balik. Leceh!

Make up done by myself. Hairdo done by my cuzz. Photography done by bestfriend and cuzz.

Outfit tailormade by Hana Boutique. Caterer by Sheikh Sabri and I'm lucky coz they cater generous portion of food coz my friend told me that her fiance bro engaged them but their portion is not as big as mine. Rezeki Masing2 I might say. :)

On the engagement day my I can see that my fiance is much more excited and happy then I am even for our wedding. Sometimes I could feel that as if I'm a guy and his the girl haha.

Overall I felt so much relief that we are engaged! Although there's dugaan somewhere in the middle we hope that we can overcome it. InShaaAllah. Few months to our wedding InShaaAllah.
There's all for today! :)
PS: When you get married its not The End, its just the beginning of everything...

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