Sunday, 23 February 2014

Another two thing that strike off our list.

First of All, I will like to thank BTB's who email me regarding the bertandang thinging. We have already had an idea! ;)

Ouhkay the two things are;

  • 1stly our marriage prep course! Yeay! We booked a one day course at Apkim.
    Why we choose Apkim? 1stly friends have been taking them. Their reviews was good and its not lengthy like two days courses which is good!Secondly its Because Mister is working shift and irregular hours. Our course will be on Jun right after our Bandung trip coz the rest of the month its either Mister gonna be bz or me gonna be bz. So yeay!
  • 2ndly we have booked our kompang. I give all the list of kompang to fiance and the price and he narrow down to two which is Makyong kedek and Akrab kompang.  We forgo our 1st choice because we have this feelings that they might or maybe they open their bookings late. Since our wedding left 10 mths and plus2, we afraid by then it my be fully booked when they open up their booking. Since both of the choices are from kumpulan dikir coz kompang from dikir group have the best entertainment.

    So which kompang we choose? *drumrolls*
    Its Akrab Kompang!!!!!!!!!! So why do we choose them. We msg them and they quoted us cheaper then Makyong Kedek. Mister told me that actually for kompang we don't need to spend like for $1000 for them coz the balance we can top up anything for honeymoon. 2ndly when we search their video at youtube they does have good entertainment skills and reviews from their fb was good. So from there we think that its okay lah we take them for our wedding. So deposit is placed! Yeay!
Ouh about the honeymooninggggg... I have one place in mind and will talk about it soon! In Shaa Allah. For the meantime, enjoy the video from Akrab yeah! Bubye!

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