Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Oh Helllppp!!!

Helllppp! Sekarang saya sungguh tak tau macamne nk bertandang!! Ok 1stly my wedding event is a separate wedding plus nikah and sanding n bertandang on e same place.

So now, i dunnoe if time wana nikah my fiance and his side dtg 30 mins earlier to my place with the kompang people coz my cuzz nk hadang2 haha. Im not sure if dah pernah org buat ke tidak lah kan dtg dgn kompang sblm nikah ahhahaha... But thats the only thing i can think off right now. But then to think again does the kompang people have timing limits to wait for us to change to 2nd outfit and bertandang to the guys side?? If they can wait not sure if they have additional charges for extra waiting hrs. Need to ask the kompang people. Now i pening! So if ex or BTB's who have suggestion pls feel free to email me yeah.

In confused mode!

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