Sunday, 5 January 2014


Hi All,

Its 2014 already already? I cant believe it!

Well today I am doing a research on dulang gubahan. I went to JB last week and I felt in love with their dulangs. Some were already made by them which cost RM45 which is less than $20 after converting. Which I found it cheap!

So I have decided to make my own dulang with my own creativity.
I just wana feel the satisfaction of at least making one thing for my wedding. I bought wedding magazines which i find helpful for me to make it as my guide. There were few if you went to Angsana JB bookstore level 3.
Two of my favourite is as follows;

It is useful, u know. So BTB's who want to do your DIY gubahan you can buy this magazines for your reference. I have google some of the dulangs. And a few caught my attention. I prefer the last pictures as making it, is less time consuming then the rest.

Ouh yah, Mister will be engaging rentals for dulangs and I have a few lists. I will give you the link on my new directory blog post aites. We prefer Ribbons and Ties as their colors they play with is so cantik. Currently they have not yet open for 2015 but In Shaa Allah they will open their bookings on Mar 2014. Yippee! Aites I have to end this post and will create a directory blog post for a guide for you ladies! Bye!

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