Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Room Deco & Dulang booked!

Well hello all my beautiful people.

On my previous post Initially I wanted to actually make my very own dulang but..................... ini semua expo punya pasal! Haha!

I wasn't actually planning to visit the Wedding & Lifestyle Event last Sunday. Due to Maulid was held at Expo and once done me and my family went Expo Hall hopping which landed us at Wedding and Lifestyle exhibition. 

Our intend was actually to find food. We were walking and as usual all exhibitor started distributing flyers. I just take and didn't bother to take a look till I'm home. So this seller got my attention. I access to this seller Facebook and I fell in love with their dulangs. Below are some example. 

And guess what the price is $25 which I kinda appreciate the price coz it is consider cheap! They have this promo till this Friday. I think if you take the package with bunga rampai & Bunga Pahar its more cheaper. They are gorgeous too. They also do car deco, renting car & decorate bridal room. And their bridal room deco start from $250 onwards. Cheap kan. 

Below are the picture of partial room deco which cost $250. Simple as what I wanted coz I dun like my room deco yg too much sana sini langsir. 

So I'mOkay why I tak DIY becoz after much calculations, the price is plus minus sama jugak. For room deco, I think nnt seme tgh bz sana sini takut tak sempat and I'm afraid jadinye tk senonoh so I decided to book instead. Macam ye ye jek nak DIY atlast hmmmmm.... hahaha! 

So for BTB's yang nak sewa dulang you can like her page here. :) Ok thats all people! :)

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