Monday, 30 December 2013

Beli Cincin & Mas Kahwin

Hi BTB's,

Went to Geylang just know. Initially I didn't have the intention to survey wedding bands. 
My dad and mum was the one who want to but a wedding bands for their anniversary, I also cari chance survey also since the Mister ask me to. The Wedding bands at Ming Sheng and Meyson are within our budget nd I like it alot!

So here's the catch. Now I'm in a position whereby I do not know who to bring to buy the wedding band. I prefer my mum of course but on the other hand I shouldn't neglect my future MIL. 

My mum have already told me that if we decided to bring his mum, she is fine with it coz she is those "Tak kesah" type of person. Anyway while surveying just know I have already told her roughly what I want.

The only problem is am not sure abt my MIL. His aunt and grandma is staying at mister home right now. I'm just afraid that when we wanna buy wedding band, his mother will bring aunty and grandma along. Sometimes aunties can be the one whom will be the over reacting ones. I'm quite ok with her alone.

But another problem is, I've seen alot of MIL whereby they will insist on choosing their wedding bands and control her sons budget but when her daughter's turn they will ketuk2. 

Now I'm skeptical. I know my mum attitude much that she hancai bocai personality. Janji majlis jalan dgn betol. Or on the other hand should I bring MIL although I didnt noe her as yet. Hmmmmm...

Lets see how it goes.

On the other note, I have already book my photobooth with my caterer recommendations. Yeay! The brother spomsoring it. Its very cheap though she gave me special rate since I'm engaging my caterer. So you may actually ask her for the rates aites. Fazzy Photobooth

Till next! :)

Updates : Finally both parents allow us to buy the rings and jewellery all by ourself! Alhamdullilah! :) 

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