Thursday, 26 December 2013

Beware of Berkat Sg

BTB's Alert!

Pls beware of Berkat Sg ok! They did it again which I thought it has already been resolved.

A wedding vendor, Fizita Events (which mister almost engaged him for his svs but Mister mother end up taking her own contacts) has post this on his FB.

Why oh why must you do this to the brides/grooms. People pay you up, but at the end of the day you con people.

Brides/Grooms sampai ikat ikat perut nak bayar duit ni itu. I can feel the pain. Haiz.

So be aware ok. Btw just to promote, you can take up Fizita Events coz they are fun people with good package price and most imptly they have gain Excellent Service Awards for 2013/2014. :)

Thats all for today!
Have a great day ahead :)

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