Monday, 25 November 2013

Photo Booth

Hi All,

I went to my friends wedding just now. 

So her bridal is from Peti solek and she look gorgeous. The baju's all in pastel colours which is beautful. So BTBs who have engaged Peti Solek you have made the right choice.

Ok so now what I am gonna talk about here is about photo booth. Like nowadays sana sini ada photobooth. 
I was contempla
ting nak buat DIY or engaged one.

Currently I'm surveying the prices but if by next year I cant find the right amount of budget I will give it a pass. Boleh koyak kocek! Photo booth jek dah nak makan $1,000. 

My friend engaged YoursTruly Weddingguestbook which is pretty awesome the picture quality is. :)
Below are the few guest book for your BTB's consideration research was done from friends, bloggers and Mr Google.

From De Heart
Fazzy Photobooth
AAF Photobooth
Fabulens Production
Ellyn Guestbook
Snap A Picture Services
Wishing Wand
Photo Pen Journal

And last but not least my own videography did have photo booth services Weddings At 5 but when I see the pkg price macam alamak abit out gitu lor. Haiz2...

I have package From De Heart which is not that costly BUT one Jan 2015 date fully booked! Wah Photo-booth pun cepat sey orang book. So now I have a few quotations from some vendors. If you ladies will like to know the quotations you may email me at And know my friend pulak nak buat DIY photobooth. Kata mereka2 kan, they nak do backdrop for me. Since I have a friend who is a photographer, my friend can mend the booth and all we need is a printer. A couple of family friends is getting married so we mcm2 plan nk buat lah gitu.. Hmmphh.. Let me see dulu lah ehk mcmne coz if they mend the booth siapa nak follow me to the groom side.. Hahaha.. Okay takpe let see macam mana lah ehk. Ok lah GTG now. Goodnyte ladiesss! :)

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