Monday, 7 October 2013

Last three months of 2013

Its like already last 3 mths of 2013 which is kinda fast lah.

My last 3 mths is full of activity which I really cnt wait!
  •  Its my mth which is my birthday mth n I cant wait for my bday bash with family and mister. 
  • On the 8th its my company DND
  • 15th Oct is hari raya haji
  • on the 19th will be going to Kota tinggi which I had been longing to go there
  • Earlier of November 13 I will be applying ASA card which is a card that my company provide for their staff that we can go several attractions free. So me and mister will be celebrating three days and three nites to make use of the card.
  • And yeah will be having fun pack activities with my frens too
  • Earlier December will be having family holiday-ing with my cuzz(destination to be confirmed)
  • Ending Batam massage day with my frens at werk. 4 of us amek leave semata-mata nak g massage kat mustika ratu. Its kinda a hen party for one of my frens at werk also coz she is getting married on January 2014. 
  • End 31st Dec 13 will be having countdown with my frens as usual
I told mister that I will want to enjoy my last three mth of 2013 before the stress start next year. I also want to enjoy my singlehood life to the fullest with family and frens before i settle down.

My other frens mcm look at me and say, you wana get married tapi maseh leh enjoy. Shopping and maseh nak travelling and stuff.

I told them that travelling we need not go that far, kat Malaysia pun ok peh.
I use to travel every year mcm 3 to 4 times, jadi if tk travel i mcm culture shock gitu. Biler fikirkan balik kan if i tak travel by now, confrm dalam bank dah bnyk. Tapi rugi kalau dah keje penat2 tapi tak kua negeri and tt was my mum quote.
Fr myslf I have this habit of if I wana travel, I have to cut down on my shopping and outing.

Recently I will not shop till 3 mths and after evry 3 mths i will atleast buy something for myslf. And i usually spend $100 to the max. And Im really a bargain shopper. Baju tkde brand pun tkpe janji dpt 4-5 baju.

I dun wana stress myslf fr kawin. Seriously. I nk chill. Alhamdullilah fr money wise I may handle coz I was brought up with financial difficulty family. I've been thru hardship and I managed to go thru. 

Syukur Alhamdullilah for Allah test on me, it make me become mature as such. So for the BTB out there chill okay. Rezeki tu mana2 ada, yg penting dun eva lokek2 with your family especially ur mother and father.

Alot of such incident happen to me when im broke and suddenly when i see in my bank statement maseh ada duit lah, kdg2 terjumpa duit dlm bag and etc. In Shaa Allah..

So thats all for today ladies.. Gd nyte.. Oh man, closing2 its awaiting me in the ofis! Gd nyte!

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