Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Photoshoot Outfit

Me is contemplating!

Okay, ceritanya begini yesterday I saw my mak andam Kak Hyda was uploading these bollywood photshoot with her model kt facebook. Cantikkan!!!!!!!!!!!

Sumpah, dari last year I have been stalking her FB. Memang dah set my mind to engaged her on my wedding day. And Im so lucky to get her. She and her sis will do the makeup without any outsider help. Its kinda risky but so far she have good reviews. I think two local celebrity have engaged them but she still keep it a secret when she updated her status on FB.

So why I choose her again? Her make up is mostly dramatic eye makeup which I really like when Mak Andam focus on the eyes macam alah2 Arab and Bollywood.

As for baju wise they have Moroccon design which I super like and their baju2 lengha so nice sparkly2. And I also like the head gear, chantik sgt2. I love those sanggul takde bunga. Below are some baju's which they had at expo exhibition.

Bila went down to see the baju2, my mind playing these old skool songs "Dari kerana mata, yang mempunyai kuasa Oh aku tergoda, aku tergoda terkecewa".. I squeal coz I saw that white moroccon dress which I can wear for Nikah. They also cater to plus size which I tak perlu worry about topping up a few hundreds dollar for the plus size range and I need not worry if i gain weight. Current weight all bridal says not to worry still have sizes but to play safe coz my body weight can goes up and can goes down.

We booked on 30th Jun as I find that my feeling is weird macam suroh booked that day. Her 2014 slots bridal dah fully booked. When I PM her regarding my date, she say it still available but there's 2 couple pun tgh cari date sesuai on Jan 15. So quickyly msg Mister and balik terus serang my mum. 

When I got the green light from Mister and mum I quickyly tfr the depoit money to her. After 10 mins a couple also ask for my date. Which is I think that is why my heart ask to booked her.

We actually took Exclusive Premium Pkg for one day event which includes 3 bridal outfit(Classic,Premium & exclusive), bridal bouquet and henna. So tak payah nak cari2 henna2 people. 

My mum is hinting on me to get a 4th outfit and my mum die2 nak see me in Lengha, but I rather choose to 'buat2 pekak' coz I thot nak buat baju photoshoot sndri. But then, fikir2 balik why must I make and I will only use it for only once. So when I saw kak hyda bollywood photoshoot yestrerday, I dah started to change my mind. Since my fiance is paying for the bridal, I told him that I top up jek lah duit photoshoot ok paling $400-$500 jek and takya nak cari makeup artist lain... :) And yes He finally agreed.. We planned to have one bridal outfit and one casual outfit since my photgrapher bagi kite satu hari all out punya shoot. And I say Yippeeee!

Told my mum and she straight away give me the consent to proceed. I quickly msg Kak hyda to book and now pending for her reply and to make deposit. Hehe.. Alhamdullilah syukur.. 

So now dah tak comtemplating lagi.. Can sleep with a wide smile. Gd nite people.

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