Friday, 25 October 2013

Candy Corner

Well, now a days its the "in thing" for people to actually have candy corner for their wedding ,eh.

Mum is the one who 'die-die' nak candy corner for the kids. She told me that kesian budak2 nak makan.

But then i realized that adults do attacked the candy corner too.

Me and mummy was browsing thru several vendor and thot we will like to do a DIY candy corner since we know some place to 'borong' all these chocolatey and sweety stuff.

The one that caught my attention and mum is the Bonito by Bob creativity. So cool. Well me and mum do not want a Candy Corner which have all those cupcakes, macaroons and etc. We prefer the idea that Bonito did, selitkan those old school type of balloons, aeroplanes and old school chocos and sweets. I was thinking of putting 'pop pop' firecrackers confrm plus chopped budak2 suka. But too bad 'pop pop' was banned in Singapore.

So last weekend me and family was having a short trip to JB. Maklong, mum, my elder cousins were talking abt marriage preparation. Almaklumlah, soon enuf my father side 3 guys and 2 girls getting married on 2014 & 2015 concurrently.

Suddenly my elder cousin who have business pertaining to chocs, sweets and etc told me that they will be the one sponsoring my very own candy corner. Alhamdullilah. Sponsors again!!! From engagement till nak kahwin pun I have sponsors. Hehe. Rezeki.

Here are some pictures of what their business is dealing with currently they are more to birthday party events but prior to my wedding I think they are doing a trial.

Mini mentos 

Spin Wheel Cracker

Kit Kats

Dark / White Chocolate with Oreo Fillings.
You can actually request what theme you want for the wrappers and picture. You can add them up at Wonder Closet. And one of my favorites of all time that was sponsored by them for engagement is as follows;

White Chocolates. The Blocks and boxes is all edible and doesn't melt fast too. Moreover it is delicious.
Can request in dark chocolate too.

So yeah. Hey wait I still have not yet even posted my engagement item huh. Will be uploading pretty soon.
Wow its already 9 mths we got engaged. Syukur Alhamdullilah. Pejam kelip pejam kelip akan tiba masanya. 
In Shaa Allah.

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