Monday, 28 October 2013

Words of motivation


As we try to change our way to get nearer to Allah, I dont know dugaan demi dugaan dtg.

Now is my family. I feel like Allah always duga me when there is a special event related to me.

Yeah, I know that when Allah duga kite, he loves us even more. But at times you just ask to yourself why this days?

I'm a grown up I know who are the wrong one and the right one so is it my fault for backing up the right person up?

Its been 6 days Im sick but its ok coz I'm fine with it but why when its on my birthday. My mind not in a proper state right now.

Maybe its true people said it may not come from fiance but it may come from your family when you are on your engagement period.

I feel like crying. Word hurts the most. But nevertheless I have to be strong and I always believe that Allah will solve the problem soon enough. I end my post with these meaningful quotes. :)

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