Monday, 30 September 2013

Enchanted Wedding did it again!!


After coming back home from Islamic class, I have seen updates from Amani Wedding & Fizita Events that caterer didnt show up. They didnt mentioned the names but when my bestie forward me an instagram videos when I see the wedding caterer name I just said 'Again'...

Here is a link for you to see2 and look2..
One of my friend told me that they had these greed when their business started to boom. How she know that coz one of her kenalan, is a fren of these wedding service provider. Imagine 5 wedding in one day macam mana nak handle bro??

So people before you engaged a caterer, pls do some research. Well for me I did alot of research before i engaged and affordable price for me since we are doin a separate wedding, I wont want to spulrge my expenses that much for a wedding event as what I've learnt frm my religious class perkahwinan sederhana membawa berkah.

 *Side track* Before we decide to get serious, we also need to go islamic classes regarding bab2 Fiqh, tauhid and etc. Kl dgr bab responsibilities after marriage and abt death lagi seram dok!
Sumpah!!First of all Im not a tudung2 type of gurl but I just want my hubby to be an Imam after I got married to him and guide me along the way. In Shaa Allah.

Back to the caterer issues.. I research about wedding caterers after our engagement. My budget is within $14K. My mum told me to get a reasonable price and got reasonable amount of food. Mak2 kan dia prangai macamtu.  After I research about the reputation of the company and the comments that people gave, I have chosen 5 wedding caterers without knowing the price yet. So I start emailing these Cateres on Jun 13.

1st) Istana Weddings
I know them when I follow my my mum to a majlis during my polytechnic years. The food was awesome. Deco ok not bad juga.. But the price sikit punya mahal, kl nak udang or ikan or what kene add on price. And the basic food pkg jek dah $17K. So my mum say scrap, she told me that she wouldnt want to see her daughter suffer saving money! hehe..

2nd) Charisma D'venue
I Fall in love with the food when I went for lunch with my mum. My mum love it alot. Nasi briyani dia peh sedap! Macam Indian style lah sey. I have Indian blood background from both maternal and paternal grandparents so tekak ni ada lah sikit2 tekak org2 india.. hehe... Alot of artist have eaten there and yeah they just earn 100 Excellent Service Award for 2013/14 tak worry sgtlah kan. If we want to do at their restaurant for one day event its within my budget but the food tk bnyk but malam rewang ada susah sikit coz Im thinking of doing Marhabban and Qatam Al Quran, fikir balik I need to add on lagi.  (So we choose this as our top 3)

3rd) Irmaya Wedding Gallery
These caterer the price was under my budget and banyak makanan. Comment at FB seme good comment and makanan not bad. Out in the newspaper for good compliment frm customer even help a customer who is 'teraniya'. Dapat 100 Excellent Service Award 2013/2014. Pernah buat wedding event fr Artist Malaysia Noraniza Idris. Wedding Deco I super like lah! Tgk lah nie colour dia! Ya Ampun!! So we choose this as our top 3.

4th) Farah Diana Catering
1st the price it fits my budget well and payment term not like other caterer need to collect 90% one mth before the wedding date which I no need to worry that much. But their food is ok2 to me. Abit skeptical of taking. But not to worry people I have saw good comments regarding them so you can take them If you want.

5th) Amani Weddings
Well known caterer. Dah dgr macam2 award dia dapat. Love their deco especially now they had do a collaboration with ISS weddings. Suka sangat2. Makanan not bad. But when we look at the $14K pkg kite abit hampa. Food not that much. But these is under our top 3 too.

So as you all know I have chosen Irmaya Weddings Gallery. Coz my mum feel oklah the food like gerek to her. So me & mum set an appointment on the month of Ramadhan coz I started to panic when she informed her Dec 2015 is fully book! Yes you got it right! Kak Maya and hubby only handle two events per week as they do want their hand got tied up and they arent afraid to handle in future. 

After hearing their pkg is like evrything seme dah include. wedding pkg (Click here)
The free gift was unexpected. Coz iniatialy all the free gift doesnt include. After the discussion and mum was satisfied, she told me can go ahead book them. $1000 deposit and  only need to pay 70% before 1 month.. So yeah.. Maybe rezeki bulan Ramadhan. I do not need to think nk bayar nie kat lain org bayar tu kat lain org.
Oh she even say to mum that on the day of event, she will call my parents to the dapur and have the taste of it. If ada kurang she can ask her cooker tambah the rencah2 yang kurang. When I think of that, I was like fuh this is a good wedding strategy.
Choose the deco 3 mths before the events and I can ask Kak Maya to help looking around for hantaran for staff price also as she got alot of contacts. 
So Alhamdullilah, me and mum feel satisfy with her service and hopefully tak regret taking her up!


  1. Halluuuu,I tgh browse thru blog2 kawin then saw ur blog!hehe..we are both 2015 bride!aniway,I'm blog is hehe..boleh lah blog hop2 k? hard ah wedding many things to fikir!hehe

    1. Hi Kiki! yeah congrats on your upcoming happy day! InShaaAllah I will link your blog dear. Yesh it is. Sometimes macam nak skip the planning part jek. But then we should treasure this planning coz InShaaAllah this gonna be once in a life time event. Btw Good luck dear on your planning! :)