Saturday, 21 September 2013

Mister & Me Story..

Ok these is the story of I meet my fiance...

We actually dont have the a lovey dovey relationship.. Kinda of straight forward.

We know each other I think ard Jul 2011. Kite kenal2 thru a circle of friends and social media website.
That time when i know him, his relationship with his ex tgh rocky di ambang-ambang perpisahan tgh tunggu masanya jek.. 

Kite exchange no sal kawan jek pe.. But I really tkde niat apa2 pun just friends amd masa tu masih nk travel seme.. And slalu nasihat kan dia suro baik2 dgn gf dia.. 

And one day he broke up with his gf.. Tu time lah kite makin laju msg n koling2.. Masa tu pun dia tk ingat nk matair2 dia cuma nak kawan.. And we went out for few times when we suddenly get together naturally on Jan 17th 2012.. And 1st date is duduk tepi laut at East Coast makan Macdonald! OMG Budget pe nie org!
Ok nak cerita pasal incident yg tidak ku boleh lupakn..
1 week after matair, Kite naik motor nk g makan.. & that's when tali bag putus and my bag drop kat PIE nak masuk Eunos.. *Slapforehead* Panic lah sey!
Dalam bag ada hp, ada wallet, ada bnyk impt barang2 nad my HP baru beli 1 mth!!! *Drama2* Malu!!!
Mister berhenti kat road shoulder. And walk all the wy back nk amek my bag.. YaAllah in my heart dah berdoa nye doa.. Dangerous kan dia nak amek bag tu kat expressway lagi tgh bnyk kereta.. 

Finally a good driver, saw mister nak amek beg tu and slow down give way to him.. Thats why in my heart cakap my hero.. *Feeling2 macam cerita hindustan* Nasib baik lah kene dia.. Kl kena ex aku confirm plus chop kene maki!

Amazingly hp yg baru beli tu maseh in good condition lah sey!! Although my bag had been smashed with a few cars.. Syukur!! 

Ouh so after few mths he popped up an idea of buying an HDB flat kat bedok.. So I know that is his hint nak kawin.. I was like, "Ehk2 org nie kan baru few mths matair.. asal tetiba nak kawin.." So yeah I mntk time coz that period was a bz period my late grandfather is sick and two mths we have been in n out hospital.. 

After Arwah nye meninggal I still ingat his pesanan asking mister to take care of me... So after a long thot, I pun agree.. Apply BTO (will story which BTO kite apply later on) and 1st time dapat lah sey..

And that BTO is his and my hometown right now.. We dun wana get out frm here.. Bersyukur.. And from that on we plan to get engaged on 24th Feb 13.. Buat kecil2.. Alhamdullilah evrything went smoothly..

Ouh yeah we didnt know that our fathers members! So terperanjat! Nasib baik members.. And we are a distance relatives got to know it 2 days b4 engagement!! Most me and his fren know each other... My bro fren is his fren.. Ketentuan Illahi..  

Once I ask him, why you choose me to be your wife whereas we in a relationship not long ago.. Why you and your ex have been with each other for 4 years not yet together?
His answer was "After me and you were together.. I pray and one night I dream of us.. Together as a family happy faces with a lil kid.. Never dream wif anyone like that before.. And after a few mths I have strong feeling that you're the one.. Although you are fierce!"

Sweet pulak! Honestly I cried!

His not romantic type and we tak lovey dovey type when kite in a relationship.. Lepas dah tunang nie baru terasa feeling tu strted.. And In Shaa Allah we will get there.. :)

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