Saturday, 21 September 2013


Hi everybody,

Lets do some intro here. Im Wanie. :) A 17th Jan 2015 Bride. Age coming to 27th years old next month which is dah tua lah kan.
Been quite sometimes dah tk open an account for blogs. So skg mcm terpanggil nk buat blog coz nk share the journey not only for my wedding also for my daily life.
I will story sikit2 about how mister and I met dekat lagi satu post ok. Btw suka sgt2 baca2 the other kawin kawin bloggers how they met with their partner.
So hopefully anyone who is reading this I will like to say Hi! and ouh pls do feel free to link me on your blog ok! :)

Ouh just wana selit something kat sini.. Previously me and mister have a list of things siapa kene bayar seme..
So here is the list;

Mister : Photography & Videography , Kompang, Caterer, Hantaran & Dulang, Honeymoon
Me : Bridal, Caterer, Hantaran & dulang, Honeymoon

So basically just received a kol from him and his parent wish to sponsor him catering lah sey! Which he tk payah pening2 kpala lagi. So he willingly cakap now that he will be paying for honeymoon and bridal!
Yesh ah now tk payah curb all my shopping sgt and i can go fr a short holiday trip also nxt year.. Happy to the max ke ape!

As for my family, we come from an average family which i undrstd if they are unable to sponsor me things.. Kite pun dah biasa hidup susah so me tk kesah maseh leh handle.. But hey! My parents will be paying fr my berkats and also a bit for my catering. Boleh lah tk cerewet.
hehe.. So yeah tts my happy story & intro for tonite..

See you ladies ard.. :)

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