Sunday, 29 September 2013

28th Sept 13

Just came back frm celebrating my belates 1 year 8 mths.. Our 1st celebration after 1 year 8 mths together.. So the nonsense, alot of couple evry mth celbrate.. 1 year celebrate besar besaran.. but idk why we suddenly have an feeling2 urge to celebration.. Oh Well... Wana plan this also makan masa 2 weeks which kite had alot of hip cups in between..
Ouh well mister is not those lelaki2 yg romantis! He had been always relying on me on our date... Bosankan? He doesnt know how to make surprise,mesti I know his plannya!! Nak kol or msg malam pun susah.. If he does he rather listen to me talking.. My voice is like a lullaby ah agaknye.. Penat membebel him..
Wana say something sweet pun tungang langgang dialog dia.. Ya Ampun!!! Pendek kata mister lurus bendol lah..
Sumpah boleh sakit jiwa kadang2.. But on the other note.. He has those patience, not those tantrum2 type of guy.. Never sekat me from going out with frenz.. Understanding.. A person who is rajin mencari rezeki.. Allah doesnt create every person a perfect character.. I believe every guy has his own winning point.. So I kinda bersyukur getting a cool guy like him..
I love his fatherly and husband character.. Oh well... At times we have arguments.. But arguments is normal fr org2 bertunang.. Its how we handle situation..
Whateva it is In Shaa Allah my future husband gonna be a great dad! 

So Im thinking of having our outdoor photoshoot at lower/Upper Pierce Reservoir. A nice and relaxing views.. Below are some picture we took and from google source...
So till next entry! :)

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