Sunday, 24 August 2014

149 Days Left!

Tick tok Tick tok! 147 Days left!

Yesh, I have been MIA-ing myself for almost 2 months. Oh well too tired to post a blog post these 2 months with the festive season and all. Well hope you ladies out there have fun with the raya outing!

We have book our tok kadi already! We actually look one by one and asked around reviews. We want Tok Kadi yg tak banyak cakap sgt coz I kesian my fiancĂ©. As far as I’m concern sebelum Nikah the guys are nervouse. They just want it to end fast. Kesian member hati dak dup dak dup if the tok kadi banyak penyampaiannya. So yeah after much consideration, we choose Ustaz Noor Bin Rawi. Pls see HERE for the video. 

Why him? My friends and his friends took him as their Tok Kadi and they said his penyampaian simple, short and sweet. So we quickly book him and so we are the 1st to book him on that day! Yippeee!!!

We register through ROMM online. What information require from us?
  1. : Brides & Groom details (IC No)
  2. : Wali Name & IC No
  3. : Your 2 witness details and IC No (1 represent the bride side & 1 represent the groom side)
  4. : Hantaran & Mahr
  5. : Nikah venue

There are other simple questionnaire you need to answer which it will take about 15 mins at most. At the end of everything we need to pay $39 for the registration fee. 
Both Bride and groom together with the bride's Wali are required to report to the Registry at least 5 weeks before your solemnization date. 
So will be going by end of November for the interview. :P

For honeymoon wise fiancé and I have been fickle minded changing countries from New Zealand, Koh Samui, Australia, Swiss & Korea. The factor why we kept changing destination is because of our leave and we do not want to spend much on honeymoon coz we are going for another 2 trips which one of it is Europe trip with the friends. So now we just wait till NATAS and grab whatever we can.
So yeah my next post is going to be about my long overdue highlight of tool kit cause so yeah stay tune. 

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