Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Hi ladies, 
Juz want to share a very good delicious cuppies made by a home based baker.
I got to tell you ladies that her cuppies can lawan Fluff already lah.

I rdered 2 box of Red Velvet, Salted caramel and Ondeh-Ondeh. The cake itself were very soft, tak bederai. The fillings adoi rase dia flavour. They were not too sweet. Just nice. U can see the fillings looks like on her instagram reviews from customer. I bought it for my mum, cuzz and aunty who is a fussy eater and they give a very good review. 

The cuppies cost $3 each. Self collection at Bedok when you order. The menu is at below. You may request for special order and mix match. The lady was a sweet person and she can take constructive comment so that she can improvise her cuppies. One thing abt ordering her cuppies is I no need to queue just tell her our prefered date and we can collect at her house. So that basically it. I owe a post regarding my Financial toolkit seminar. It will take quite sometimes to post. InShaaAllh pretty soon. Selamat berpuasa. 

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