Sunday, 15 June 2014

I am back!

Hello everybody,

I am back from my trip. So how was my bandung trip? It was fun great shopping experience! I shouldn't have shop much but what can I do all barang2 cheap2 and they having sales. So I told myself its okay fr me to splurge a little of my money and within this 7 mths I should not shop!

What I can say the view of the popular tangkuban perahu and kawah putih was beautiful! It was cold although the sun is shining bright.

Tangkuban Perahu dah mcm kat New Zealand

Strawberry Farm. Got to pluck it fresh and eat it.

Kawah Putih - Dah macam Phi Phi Island Thailand clear waters

I already bought my bridesmaid kain, mummies, bro's and father too. My theme colour gonna be purple!
For my bridesmaids and mummy kain I bought Prada lace and satin for lining. According from my aunty the Prada lace was expensive and kain Satin too but I bought the better quality kain for them coz they are gonna be bz and running here and there so I thot it is better to buy them a cooling and expensive kain. Besides I'm gonna have only 2 bridesmaid why not splurge abit more for them.

We also make tailormade for my younger bro and father baju kurung. Cooling cotton and it is cheap roughly abt $55. And the jahitan was nice! Terletak at my bro and father badan.

For my baju dulang I got blue lace with gold kain satin roughly abt $85 and we also got telekung silk mixure with cotton. As far as I know we muslim cant wear a full silk telekung for praying.

So yeah partially of my preparation done am Im glad! Well I got to go now! Bye2!

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